Steering funny.

lusty9, May 17, 7:07am
I went to visit my brother who lives on a farm, anyhow he says: well sis we'll go out to the point and get some shell fish, u drive and in his ute we go. Get out of the driveway to turn left and the ute veers right and vice-versa, I was shocked slammed on the breaks while he's laughing his head off. i didn't know cars could do that!

jmma, May 17, 8:23am
Wind up )o:

mrfxit, May 17, 8:28am
Ha ha ha he he he LOL >>>>>> O-O.

inkapuka, May 17, 6:31pm
A rear wheel drive on more than likely gravel will slide lol loss of tractionhaha

bill-robinson, May 17, 10:05pm
Seen that done on a lotus, was easy to do. Was interesting at the first turn but then the driver just handled it. All slow speed I might add.

m16d, May 18, 2:04am
The ute was turning right coz it thought you wanted to go to the pub.

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