S14 turbo -Big end bearing- possible alternatives?

kevin_the_kiwi, Jul 1, 12:31am
Howdy. My car started making a noise similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=rYgjLDZg1O0&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1 I am just wanting to know if this is defiantly the big end bearing or is it possibly something else and how could I check! I noticed some comments on the youtube video suggest VCT and lack of oil pressure in the top end. As well as making that noise the engine surges in idle and stalls itself after 30 seconds and is gutless (when I drove it a short distance). SR20DET black top.car is maroon/red in colour ;)Thanks in advance.

kevin_the_kiwi, Jul 1, 3:07am

falcon15, Jul 1, 6:10am
does it sound like its coming frm just under the rocker cover or deeper down. when its idiling disconnect the coils 1 at a time. if the noise goes away its i big end beareing gone and it will most likly be number 3 cylinder

zoltec45, Jul 1, 6:39am
im pretty sure a real mechanic would be able to diagnose this better than someone over the internet.

kevin_the_kiwi, Jul 1, 11:51am
Yup, just can't get it in for a couple of weeks and just want to know if its a gonna or not. Cheers

jason_247, Jul 1, 11:57am
if its vct it will make that sound forever with little change
if its a big end it wont last long

take it for a hoon and see if she throws a leg outta bed

snoopy221, Jul 1, 12:24pm
Gawd the comments are a jokearen't they!
yes that is a big end bearing.
yup, thats the big end in that clip, from the 1st 10sec i listened to it.
[does that include it rattling it's nutzzz offAT IDLE.for the first 3 seconds from start-up until it getzz oil pressure!-LOL]
only ONE piston hitting the headATM.

johnf_456, Jul 1, 12:29pm
Sounds like it to me, but things can be mis diagnosed over the internet.

kevin_the_kiwi, Jul 2, 5:46am
Ok here's an update: When it first happened I drained the engine oil and fished through it with a magnet for any metal and there wasn't any (put the same oil back in again).

I hadn't started the car since, until today, and it started making the sound for about 3 seconds and then the 'clunk clunk' instantaneously went and the idle was fine but I didn't drive it anywhere just in case, will be towing it to the mechanic when I get back from holiday. Fingers crossed it's not a big end bearing. Once again thanks for your help guys.

ema1, Aug 19, 9:55pm
Sounds like $$$.$$$$$$$$ about to exit yer wallet !