BMW fanbelt

buzzin89, Aug 7, 4:04am
Just replace belt on E36 320i but can't get tension on it, can anyone help please!

mugenb20b, Aug 7, 4:05am
Serpentine belt!

buzzin89, Aug 7, 4:12am
Yes, tensioner pulley now out and seems fine
Belt size is correct 6PK1555

mugenb20b, Aug 7, 4:22am
Have you got it on the right way!

buzzin89, Aug 7, 4:30am
Haha yep according to friend google everything is correct
Is there any adjusters on alternator or powersteer units!

rovercitroen, Aug 7, 4:48am
Is the belt the correct length!

srrolla76, Aug 7, 4:53am
is the part number the same as on the old belt! on most cars there is a tensioner on alternator etc. check too see if all the tensioners are done, u may need to back the other ones off a bit, and tighten up the others (if any) in order to get it right tho

buzzin89, Aug 7, 5:08am
Got belt from repco, 6PK1555
Supercheap list same belt

buzzin89, Sep 17, 7:16pm
Yep seen all those and other diagrams so can't see why there is still not enough tension, have even taken belt back out to check numbers on it incase not packaged correctly.