12v batteries

bluecambridge, Aug 7, 2:26am
ok - off topic I know, but I'm sure there's someone clever who can help - I have a ups battery - Yuasa REW 45-12 , 12v 45W. I've used an online calculator which tells me this puts out about 3.75 amps, but many of the batteries I see are rated in AH.I guess the higher th AH rating, the better the battery, but if the watts / amps are higher, will this damage my equipment! could I just use any old 12v car or motorcyle battery! My battery is hooked up to a water pump and water pressure gadget, which keeps a charge on the battery when the pump isn't in use. any help appreciated! tHANKS

mechnificent, Aug 7, 2:53am
Whatever the battery is connected to will only draw as many amps as it needs. As long as the voltage is right, you can use any battery that is big enough or bigger than enough.

bluecambridge, Sep 17, 3:42am
Thankyou that's a great help!