Classic car insurance, any one recommend a broker?

megisme, Aug 2, 9:00am
Looking for few names of brokers so we can get some quotes to insure our corvette. Would like agreed value. Thanks

muzz67, Aug 2, 9:06am
we just use AMI. cheap enough, seem to cover things well.

megisme, Aug 2, 9:07am
thank you is there a limit on kms!

countrypete, Aug 2, 9:08am
I use Classic cover insurance.Fair premium, 5,000km per year use, and a low excess.Here's a link:

megisme, Aug 2, 9:11am
thank you for that pete I will flick off the inquiry form to them

howie69, Aug 2, 9:19am
Me too. No problems getting cover and cheap rates

flagheaven, Aug 2, 9:24am
Swann Insurance

jessie169, Aug 2, 9:45am
we been with AMI for years and bought a classic car 4 years ago very cheap insurance, got agreed value once we got a valuation done. and yes 5000k a year, just insured a vintage vehicle with them last week as well also cheap premiums.

golem, Aug 2, 9:55am
I also use them, there's also a cover for spare parts included to a certain value.

thecudadude, Aug 2, 11:23am
I too used AMI for years with my classlic 60's American cars but when my Viper arrived they just didnt really wanna know . So i now use JRI(John Rae Insurance) and they seem fair .

bent_ate, Aug 2, 12:27pm
+1 Excellent

sunwest, Aug 2, 7:25pm
+ 2 swann, ask for peter he's is into old cars and indian motorbikes top bloke. Im sure there is no limit on k's.

fryan1962, Aug 2, 8:20pm
Do you know if any of these insurance companies give the car back to you if car is a write off! shanons in Australia does then you can build another car with your parts

elect70, Aug 3, 1:50am
+1 for classic cover (vero), good to deal withno hastle with claimsrepairer just emails photos & quote & all done.had 2 cars with them now

lookoutas, Aug 3, 5:56am
Haven't seen this bugga for 20 years, but he recognised me when I visited the Swann stand at the Ham Ford Day on Sunday.
Swann do good deals for various club members - hence I got a price to cover my Mustang @ 35K for $300. Plus full cover on every extra vehicle @ $150 a shot.
AMI have given me a quote for $229, without as many features, or the 150 deal.
At this stage I'm paying about $340 for the Mustang with Classic, and about 130 for 3rd party on any other car. The Swann deal looks good.

les6, Aug 3, 6:44am
just paid mine the other day for my corvette,$281.24 for $30k agreed value unlimited mileage through AA.

mike107, Aug 3, 10:37am
AA easy and a good price!

nzfatie, Aug 5, 10:27am
Yeah AA are the cheapest, $80 for my Hillman Avenger!

jono2912, Aug 5, 11:21am
Swapped all my insurance over to Fintel today, $50 cheaper a month than State. (contents and 3 cars)

megisme, Sep 13, 7:02am
Hey thanks for all the advise, Car all insured through classic really happy