Advice please re: clutch/brake pedal pads hyundai

hazey, Jul 11, 3:30am
just throwing this out there on the offchance a knowledgeable motory person can help/advise where i might try next.

i have rung around some places (incl. Korean autoparts in Otara) but no luck. i need 2 rubber pads covering clutch & brake pedals, one split off & the other has a split in it and both failed warrant.

one parts company i spoke to say they have just ONE in stock of what appears to be the right size but they suggest going in with car to make sure it fits.they're in Manurewa / me - near Orewa

any suggestions where might be best to try next!tia

therafter1, Jul 11, 3:33am
Try repco or somewhere like that. If you can't get the rubber covers you can actually get bolt on alternatives that fit to your pedal.

And yes, you do need them as the pedals become slippery when wet or you have other 'stuff' on your feet/footwear and your foot can slip of the pedal launching you into lawd knows where . exclusive of any subsequent panic damage !

tmenz, Jul 11, 4:05am

hamhonda, Jul 11, 5:04am
Try Domion Autos, (was landscape autos), last time I needed some of these for a hyundai I did they were under $10each for genuine hyundai ones

hazey, Jul 11, 9:20am
thanks so much for advice, it's appreciated

i'll call the old landscape autos in the morning

otherwise i'll just get a set of the bolt on thingamybobs

supernova2, Jul 11, 11:12am
I'd try a Hyundai dealer as that way you will get the correct thing.You can get non oem pads from parts wholesalers but finding one close to you might be a problem.
These guys are the NZ agents for Mackay who list quite a few Hyundai pads.
Give em a ring and ask who your closest stockist is.

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