New style hyundai vans

paull, Aug 7, 3:01am
, any info on these, are they a good van for a family, any probs with them,thx Paul

grangies, Aug 7, 3:16am
As in the latest Hyundai iMax van!

paull, Aug 7, 3:31am

grangies, Aug 7, 6:19am
The Police use them for their speed camera vans.

They have a good write up on wiki.

stevo2, Aug 7, 6:56am
They have had good write ups in motoring mags but the magazines only look at new vehicles and dont comment about reliability etc.

grangies, Aug 7, 7:17am
It's also got a lot of grunt for your average diesel van too.

But in saying that, it is BIG.

Are you sure you need/want such a large vehicle!

Family wagon yeah, but how big is your family!

8 people!

paull, Aug 7, 10:08am
got 6, 4 boys and with rugby and cycling and tramping on the cards most weekends we need plenty of space for all the crap we lug around, also the youngest is 2 so then theres the push chair and all his baby kit we need just to go to the shops, we got a 8 seater commy wagon and its now getting a bit small as the older 3 are getting bigger, any other suggestions !

razor1111, Sep 19, 6:45pm
we use them as company vehicals and everyone says they are great and we haven had any major probs with them yet they are all on the road all day every day