Placing a car rego on hold?

goose13, Aug 6, 11:20pm
can any one help me out, is the law changing, can i put old car on hold over winter time or does it have to be registed all the time.

kazbanz, Aug 6, 11:29pm
goose--Nothing has changed.really. They have threatened that you must hand the plates in if you doso. This is aimeed at those trying to "beat the system" by putting rego on hold and then riding/driving.

smac, Aug 7, 12:19am
You know better than that.

toppo1, Aug 7, 2:27am

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 3:40am
Are you saying that isn't true! That they can't ask you to hand the plates in!

kcf, Aug 7, 3:57am
0800 108 809

smac, Aug 7, 8:01am
No, I'm saying that Kaz knows full well that NZTA have not " threatened that you must hand the plates in if you doso. "

As has been said dozens of times in here before, anyone who thinks they're going to ask for surrender of plates for every one of the tens of thousands of exemptions that must be done every year is nuts, and/or is just plain trolling. I just don't get why people keep saying it.

franc123, Aug 7, 8:06am
Yes exactly, when you read the legislation, its clearly more of a threat/discretionary power NZTA has which would no doubt be used against repeat offenders only, why people think that bureaucrats are really interested in soiling their hands with everyones used number plates without good reason is anyones guess.

chalkie51, Aug 7, 8:53am
Check with NZ Transport Agency or licensing agent as law regarding exemptions changed on 1 August 2011

franc123, Aug 7, 10:18am
Revenues must be down, just more loophole shutting, thats all:

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 10:28am
They don't have to threaten. The provision is there. They can do so if they please.

ali-s, Sep 19, 10:14am
exempt Class A is nothing to do with On Hold. It's the Private Ambulance licensing loophole