Advice please. how easy are mini tyres to buy,

summersunnz, Aug 6, 6:30am
are they available - had a look on Trademe and there are some there. looking at a trailer here, want to make sure I can find more tyres if needed in future.

How do they handle a load of firewood on a standard car trailer.!

Any other suggestions welcome please - thanks for help.

summersunnz, Aug 6, 6:34am
Also. how would they handle being towed long distance to help studying daughter move!

Am wondering if they'd be a bit small! Or not a problem!

Thanks again.

jezz43, Aug 6, 6:36am
tyre shop i used to work at in wanganui has about 100 mini rim sized ply rated tyres for trailers.

summersunnz, Aug 6, 6:39am
Ok. thanks. mmm if I go ahead, wonder if it might be a good idea to find a spare for the spare. so the spare has a good tyre, and I have a spare tyre tucked away for if needed.

Do you know how they'd handle long distance - several hours travel, with a student type load of furniture. one bedroom things with desk, etc.

Thanks for your help.

jezz43, Aug 6, 6:41am
2 of the trailers we had used these tyres. never had any issues with them apart from the usual flattys etc. they didnt last a very long time tho, maybe about 10-15k

summersunnz, Aug 6, 6:46am
Hi.'didnt last a very long time tho, maybe about 10-15k'

How long do you mean and -is that 10 or 15 kms total!
New to this here. thanks for help.

jezz43, Aug 6, 6:48am
10,000 -15,000 kms

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 6:48am
errr,,. "k"is usually the standard abbreviiation for 1,000

summersunnz, Aug 6, 6:54am
Thanks for your reply Jezz

Hi Flat. not everyone knows these things when new to this.

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 7:18am
all good
.most prices will be abbreviated with a K as well .eg 21K or 21k - $21,000
."K" from the Greek "Kilo".meaning unit of measurement X one thousand ( kilometre, kilogram, kilopascal, etc )

summersunnz, Aug 6, 7:27am
Thanks Flat. do you know how the 10" tyres would handle moving a students gear on a several hour trip!

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 7:32am
sorry, summersunz,I'm no tyre expert. would totally depend on weight of payload, roads you took, speed travelled,& design of trailer.
(if it's any help, one of our small boat trailers has mini wheels, & makes it from Auck to Corromandel & back no dramas )

drew2009, Aug 6, 7:45am
Personally i would go for standard 13" or 14" jappa wheels if they will fit, they will hold up just as well under load if not better and much easier to find tyres for.
I found a couple of 14" steel rims with mint tyres the other day for $50.
I'm pretty sure minis were 100mm PCD or dam close to it so 100mm PCD jappa wheels should be easy enough to make fit, at absolute worst you might have to drill the holes 1mm bigger tops. Small Honda or toyota wheels were 100mm pcd.
If you have a mate with a honda (civic integra accord crx) or toyota (corolla trueno ect) borrow the spare wheel and try it on. What you want to watch out for is will the bigger wheels fit under the guard and will the trailer still sit at a good height.

If you want to stick with the mini wheels try a trailer supply store maybe Kaiapoi Trailers or Transit Engineering in Chch, Don't know who you could try in your area. If they don't have them they will know who will.

pieman33h, Aug 6, 8:22am
you can prolly buy mini tyres really easily, its finding someone with small hands to fit them thats the problem!

cowlover, Aug 6, 9:59am
Our trailer has 10inch mini wheels with Bridgstone Commercial tyres.They have been on for over 10 years now and it has done lots of long trips.Think of it his way - how far can you drive a mni before you need new tyres!Fronts on a mini et far more workout than you will ever manage to do with a trailer - no steering, no brakeing etc.we run ours at 32psi with a BIG load and about 20 with light loads.

summersunnz, Aug 6, 10:17am
Thanks everyone. your help is very much appreciated.

Hadn't thought of it that way Cowlover. thanks for your info.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend. :-)

owene, Aug 7, 9:46am
Put some decent wheels on the trailer and avoid the three main issues. (1) ismall wheels drop into every small hole and thus provide a very bumpy ride and (2) small wheels go round twice as much as larger wheels and so expect the bearings to snuff it quicker and (3) generally the bigger the tyres, the higher weight rating is available.

cocabowla, Sep 19, 6:03pm
you can buy specialised industrial tyres in 10inch (500-10)