Toyota Estima or Mazda MPV?

gaj, Jun 23, 9:01am
Hi Wise Motorist!I need to replace my old wide body toyota estima (1994) as it has blown a head gasket and wondering if I should replace it with the upgraded 2006 / 2007 Toyota Estima or with a Mazda MPV 2006.What do you suggest!Would be interested in good, bad or ugly experiences you may have had with these.Recommend away!

retry, Jun 23, 9:06am
as a mechanic and have worked on them both, i personally belive the mazda is a better vehicle, the toyota have problems with the rear axle bushs, which isn't cheap to fix as well as engine management issues, mazda have made massive improvements with there vehicles in the last 10 years, thats just my thoughts

franc123, Jun 23, 9:13am
Either would do, at least by 2001 Toyota had fired the team of chimpanzees they hired in the late 80's that designed the vehicle you have now, the newer ones are far easier to service and repair.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 9:32am
Forget both and buy a VW Touran, for similar money you are buying a vehicle that is 10 years ahead of the other two in terms of economy, safety and technology.

Its also better thought out and nicer to drive.

You will have to do your own research and math though as the usual knuckle dragging trolls who know nothing about them will be along shortly to try and rubbish it with anything they can google.

mugenb20b, Jun 23, 9:39am
Hang on Jazz. The title reads "Toyota Estima or Mazda MPV", right! And all of a sudden, a "knuckle dragging troll" comes in and starts rubbishing perfectly good Jap cars and *bang* recommends a Euro.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 9:48am
Yes. but I am allowed. Thought you would have figured that out by now!

gaj, Jun 23, 10:03am
Thanks for the comments - only interested ina comparison between those two vehicles - remember to play nice and keep them coming!

trdbzr, Jun 23, 10:19am
Don't mind the resident Euro troll. He seems to be off his meds lately. Both cars are actually good. The Estima has abit more space in the back for storage but you are likely to get a better deal on a similar age and km MPV. Mazda has picked up its game quite a lot, so reliability wise the MPV should be good as long it is/has been maintained properly. Take both for a spin and see which one you prefer.

jmkn, Jun 23, 10:29am
Take the 06+ Mazda 23T version for a drive. That will make your mind up.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 10:43am
When the choice's are stale bread or gruel. I prefer to go hungry.

franc123, Jun 23, 11:41am
In the same way most people would prefer to remain pedestrians if the only choices were a Multipla or a Touran.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 11:48am
Evolution always takes care of those that fail to adapt.

fordcrzy, Jun 23, 8:33pm
when you say 06 that the last of te old shape or the first of the new shape! they are very different beasts. the new ones are awesome

johnf_456, Jun 23, 9:12pm
Oh please!

dent, Jun 23, 10:55pm
Both vehicles in question are good vehicles. Its guna come down to you test driving each and seeing which one is guna meet your needs. I personally prefer the toyota but only based on its looks compared to the mpv. But as I said reliability theres not much in it.

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