Please help toyota estima 1999

kenny2, Jan 25, 9:11am
hi i have a toyota estima 1999 8 seater van petrol,the open door warning lights stopped working.checked all the fuses they seem ok,however i have read somewere that the sliding door switch can cause this problem anyone else had this thanks for you help ken

jono2912, Jan 25, 9:33am
Is it stuck on!

kenny2, Jan 26, 3:51am
hi nope they dont work at all thanks

audi_s_ate, Jan 26, 5:12am
Checked the bulb I assume!
I am not familiar with the problem in the estima myself but you can check the switch in the door for corrosion, which is usually the cause of interior lights failing to come on.
The switch should be a spring loaded unit somewherewhere the door closes onto the pillar.

kenny2, Jan 26, 8:23am
hi audi when the front doors are open the door indicator never worked,i think it was a dickie switch on the drivers door but the sliding door and the boot worked,now none work but at the same time the interior light stopped too thanks,ps ive checked the fuses but they seem ok

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