Toyota Estima Areas 2002.where do u put the spare

24mamba, Jan 30, 6:04am
Got this vehicle imported.spare tyre was put in the boot.where do u put the spare tyre!Is it under the car!

andrea_w, Jan 30, 6:09am
Go have a look.! It will soon become very obvious to you if it is designed to go there. Pretty sure you could do that quicker than the time it took you to create this thread

24mamba, Jan 30, 8:39am
gud point.but u can't just look under the's got a kit on it. it's too low!

king104, Jan 30, 10:48pm
The spare fits in a cradle underneath. You wind the cradle down from the bolt just inside the boot

pepsi24, Jan 31, 12:04pm
Pretty sure you could have told OP where it goes quicker than it took you to be a smartarse.

andrea_w, Jan 31, 12:52pm
Actually, I couldn't have. I didn't have a clue where the spare was located. which is exactly why I suggested the OP go look.
I certainly wasn't being a smartarse either. maybe you just took what I said out of context.

pandai, Jan 31, 8:42pm
Maybe for your car, with that kit on, the spare really does live in the boot

kevymtnz, Jan 31, 8:49pm
must go somewhere as you cant have a wheel loose in the boot they must be bolted for wof

bill-robinson, Jan 31, 8:58pm
Not quite correct. Take the spare out and leave it at home at WOF time, no bolts required. Just remember to put it back after you pass the WOF

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