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pepsi24, Jan 5, 4:29am
Hi there, my sister is looking at buying a Toyota Estima. She doesn't want it for a family car, but rather to transport her and her paintings to markets. She will need to pull all the back seats out as she needs to fit in a gazebo, foldaway tables, large easels and her paintings. She is currently getting around in a 4WD so this will definitely have the space she requires. However neither of us know anything about cars. She will get a pre purchase inspection done, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.

phillip.weston, Jan 5, 4:37am
It's a good buy if you were going to buy it as a family car, but because it is a family car you're paying a premium for all those seats and rear passenger comfort features, of which are just going to be removed anyway! What's wrong with a van or normal high-roof stationwagon!

sanders4, Jan 5, 4:41am
Use message board on left of this column, keyword is estima and date posted show anytime, variable results, this vehicle is also known as enema !

pepsi24, Jan 5, 4:41am
Thanks. She wants to be comfortable aswell, as sometimes she will be sleeping in it. She will put the seats in now and then for family to use for trips. These estimas just seem so much cheaper then say a Hiace. Which is what she was looking for before.

pepsi24, Jan 5, 4:43am
Message board on left of this column!. SOrry I'm lost.

mugenb20b, Jan 5, 4:47am
That name only applies to gen.1 narrow body Estimas.

extrayda, Jan 5, 5:37am
emina ;-)

extrayda, Jan 5, 5:38am
The Estima is also a lot quieter and more comfortable to drive than a van based vehicle (in my recent experience anyway !).

pepsi24, Jan 5, 5:48am
Thats great to hear, thanks.

kazbanz, Jan 5, 6:01am
Hi Pepsi.-What your sister is thinking isn't totally daft. Unbolting the rear seats out of a 92-99 estima is a pretty easy job--4 bolts and theyre out.
The middle row is a bit harder but unless its BIG stuff you are putting in it would be easy to turn the seat around backwards on its base and push it up against the front seats.
The main issue as I see it is the lip you need to go over to get stuff in the back.
Also the older model estima's are getting long in the tooth and need suspension work and the cooling system PROFESSIONALLY serviced (its a known issue)
BUT I must say I agree with the posters above --Theres other vehicles that are a truck load better for the job than the estima.
For example- The NEW shape nissan serena.-Its square at the back so its easy to get stuff into it. and the same solution applies re removing seats. --BUT no lip to get over
Also the toyota townace or toyota Noah --same applies as above
Both of these are going to be reliable and roomier inside than an estima

clark20, Jan 5, 6:01am
The older version was better for rear room, and the version you are looking at are not easy to remove the rear seats.

pepsi24, Jan 5, 6:10am
Thanks for that. Shes looking at a 2001 or newer, so I think that is a generation 2!.

kazbanz, Jan 5, 6:17am
Pepsi--HMM ok -NOT so easy then.
Removing the actual rear seat is just a matter of unbolting 4 bolts
The middle seats are the same - so 12 bolts int total
Trouble is you are left with the seat runners stuck in their tracks which will restrict things a bit

pepsi24, Jan 5, 6:23am
Maybe she could get a thin sheet of ply or something like that to line the flooring. She would only put the seats back in once or twice a year. She doesn't have a family, and has another car for running around in.

kazbanz, Jan 5, 7:17am
Not so easy I'm sorry--the runners stick up about 100mm out of the floor. Picture a couple of railway tracks with big stoppers sticking up in the middle of em
They I'm sure can come out but it will take a bit longer than 2 minutes

pepsi24, Jan 5, 7:23am
Oh ok , I thought they couldn't come out lol. I guess she'll just have them taken out. No major really, she won't be putting them in and pulling them out often.

kazbanz, Jan 5, 8:34am
-I'd ook into exactly whats involved in removing em-I did a nissan pressage set once and it was a total(insert your own word)

elvis58, Jan 5, 8:55am
Couldn't you fit a false floor over the top, protecting the runners and carpet for future use!

scoobeey, Jan 5, 8:58am
go toyota hiace .Most market people have these and you can sleep in as well after drieving all day to next market

kazbanz, Jan 5, 9:08am
Yep you could -and built right the runners could be used to secure the false floor.--but it will be 100mm higher

r15, Jan 5, 10:17am
having owned both estimas and both the 90s shape and new shape hiace, i would much rather drive an estima. the only issue for me is they were too small for my loads

pepsi24, Jan 5, 11:15am
Thanks for all your help guys. Shes definitely not after a van. The markets she does are quite split with half of the stall holders using vans while the other half prefer the estima. She won't have a problem fitting all her stuff in an estima. We were more interested in any horror stories, or hidden costs for repairs, that kind of thing. I think shes pretty much made her mind up on the 2001 Estima aeras now.

franc123, Jan 5, 11:19am
Go for it, the model you are looking at eliminated many of the problems of the '90's versions, mounting the engine in the correct place for a start underneath a bonnet in the front of the car instead of under your backside was the main one!

cp.71, Jan 6, 1:22am
I used an edtima for carrying goods in. BE AWARE, that it should / will fail the VTNZ WOF with no seats in. It becomes a PIA when have to put seats in and out every six months

ric7, Jan 6, 1:50am
why not go for a mazda MPV then, 2004(ish), last row of seats fold flat into the floor and 2nd row of seats fold up

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