Van steering wobble issue sorted finally.

gunhand, Aug 25, 8:26am
Well I finaly got around to putting 4 new tyres on thepeople mover.
Steering wheel is straight, no wobbles, no pulling to the right and now have even size tyres all round.
Only took, well as long as it took lol.

johnf_456, Aug 25, 8:27am
Good to hear :)

mugenb20b, Aug 25, 8:36am
You remind me of that Mauser guy from Police Academy 2.

supernova2, Aug 25, 1:48pm
Glad to see you got it sorted.SDo what do you think the problem actually was - mismatched sizes or a dud tyre!

gunhand, Aug 27, 6:39am
Well it seems due to uneven wear on tyres and the differing treads as well as size made it do all of the above. All we now is its all sorted and tracks straight and true as it should.I took it to a different outfit out of town and they seemed to know more than the 3 places here.

supernova2, Aug 27, 8:41am
Sad fact of life.IMHO most tyre fitters/alignment techs would have trouble putting their own shoes on the correct feet.Classic case of peanuts and monkeys!There was one place that I would trust for aligns etc but the advent of every tyre shop having a machine eventually almost made him redundent.Bit like painting you know the story point and shoot - ah maybe its not that easy afterall!

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