Valiant brake light problem

craig70, Aug 20, 8:28am
brake lights not working on ap valiant, tail lights go, bulbs all good switch by brake pedal seems to be ok. Any one got other suggestions before it gos to the auto electricians thanks.

unbeatabull, Aug 20, 8:32am

sterid01, Aug 20, 8:32am
Try voltmeter on the contacts , it sounds like you have a good earth with the tail lights going but check again . and fuse

jmma, Aug 20, 8:37am
Connect the two wires from switch together, to test switch.
You say it seems to be OK!

granada, Aug 20, 9:02am
How did you test it.A $10 test light will tell you everything you need to know. It can be hard to test the power at the bulbs when you have your foot on the brake You sometimes need to either bridge out the switch or get a second person. Also make sure the pedal actually operates the switch.Things can get bent.

fryan1962, Aug 20, 9:12am
brake switch,fuse, earth

craig70, Aug 20, 10:00am
Thanks for your replies, will have a go with your suggestions. cheers

mopar63, Aug 20, 10:16am
also try with the brake pedal depressed to grab the switch plunger with your fingers and turn it a few times ,could be bad contact, plus check the multi plug down in the drivers kickpanel, all the wiring to the back goes thru it

marie194, Aug 20, 11:14am
If you have a plug wired up for a trailer check the wires going from the various lights to the plug, loose connections ,water etc

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