Help with steering bushges XA

jason18, Sep 24, 8:34am
Hey Guys, Going to be ordering new bushes for all my steering. But unsure what the rods are called. Idler arm I think is one. Just dont want to place an order get the car up and then be short on a bush. Cheers

granada, Sep 24, 8:43am

franc123, Sep 24, 8:46am
Bushes or balljoints or both! The only parts that you'd need to replace directly associated with the steering are the inner and outer tie rod joints (2 per side), idler arm and pitman arm. They're all replaced as units, you don't attempt to rebush the idler arm. The sleeves that connect the tierods together and the link between the two steering arms you don't normally have to replace.

jason18, Sep 24, 8:46am
LEGEND! I was looking at but couldnt figure what just steering was this is way easier!

jason18, Sep 24, 8:50am
Will take a photo of what they look like as they look stuffed.

jmma, Sep 24, 9:09am
Looks like, steering idler and track rod bushes needed (o:

jason18, Sep 24, 9:13am
Ok awesome cheers. Will get a complete idler arm and other bits and pieces. All joints to do with steering look old and original, So maybe best to bring car to BNT and get them to look and order.

jmma, Sep 24, 9:20am
Yes, not sure if either bushes are replacable, think you may have to get a complete track rod too. Maybe check if there is a bush on the steeringbox drop arm as well.

fordgod, Sep 24, 9:23am
Yeah Jase, you can just buy the idler arm with bushes already in the arm. Ive got a new nolathaned idler here. XA to XF should all be the same. Remember if buying the pitman/drop arm off steering box, make sure you mention wether its power steer or not as different. Cheers, Brendon

fordcrzy, Sep 24, 9:38am
the idlers are surprisingly cheap . i did one on an XF which made.bugger all difference. :)

jason18, Sep 24, 9:47am
Haha cheers. Yeah Wof guy would like me to replace them and since he is letting my exhaust go im happy with that! What ya want for your idler arm! My mate works at BNT so should get good pricing.

ryans, Sep 24, 9:51am
Have you checked the prices at! They've got a few items significantly cheaper, eg, lower control arm is $99 vs $469 at Whiteline.

jason18, Sep 25, 5:06am
Got new pitman and idler arm. New inner and outer tie rod ends, Radius (!) rod bushes, and unsure weither to go brand new control arms or not. Will do the first ones for now and see how it goes.Im guessing i pull tie rods out and make sure new ones are adjusted to the same length!

jmma, Sep 25, 5:13am
Usually count the turns when taking them off, but after all that a wheel alignment wont go astray.

jason18, Sep 25, 5:22am
Oh k sweet man. I will count em. I have wheel alignment booked this week so they adjust all that when doing it. That sounds good

xpfairmont, Sep 25, 8:44pm
Don't buy above. it doesn't last. Only use rubber bushes in Fords

jason18, Sep 25, 10:38pm
Oh really. Whoops.

jason18, Sep 26, 4:26am
How long should I expect my nolathanes to last!

xpfairmont, Sep 26, 5:53am
Well they'll last a wee while if you put them in right.
If you've got fat rims on the front you might have to do the idler arm each WOF.
I knew my radius rod bushes were stuffed when I saw blue bits of polythene on the driveway (not to mention the funny braking that was going on). That was this year, I had put them in back in 2003 so got almost 10 years, but original ones that I replaced had been in there since 1969 and where only slightly cracked.

+ rubber is about half price as the other stuff.

As for control arms, it can be tricky to get the old bush (inner lower) out without distorting the arm. Best way is to burn or drill out old rubber then carefully cut the outer sleeve with a hack-saw blade. Then make sure whoever presses in the new bushes uses spacers so that the arm doesn't distort. If you don't do the above, the bushes will just slid in one side and out the other, when this happens the arm it now scrap metal.

Also, you can get ones (Nolathanes) that you just burn out the original rubber and press in (by hand). The original sleeve stays in the arm. But these are crap in my opinion.

jason18, Sep 26, 8:30am
Ok cheers man, Might just go fore a complete arm for lower control arms. Im having a hell of a job getting the bastard ball joints off!

xpfairmont, Sep 27, 12:12am
oh yeah. lots of spot welds. they're a bugger!

jason18, Sep 27, 3:35am
Sweet as. Turns out mate ordered all rubber products except radius rod bushes.

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