What's fair quote for small window replacement?

nunesy, Oct 11, 6:50pm
Small triangle back window got smashed last night (they stole an empty chiller bag worth $2, good one), and I can ring around for quotes but have no idea what a fair quote would be.Last week I had to do the same for another car issue, and the difference between quotes was astounding, eg several hundred dollars.Thanks in advance.

countrypete, Oct 11, 6:54pm
Obviously it depends entirely on what make and model of car!

nunesy, Oct 11, 6:57pm
Oh.Right.Toyota Starlet. 1994.

mm12345, Oct 11, 8:01pm
I had to replace one in a '97 Nissan a few months ago (car broken in to - the stole an ancient GPS which was almost worthless).
I paid $40 for the glass from a wrecker's yard.It's a 15 minute job to change the glass over, IIRC was just removing door trim, main window down, loosen a couple of screws to release the track for the main glass, the quarterlight seal can be removed, new glass fitted, then put it back together.
The first wrecker I visited wanted $80 for the glass.

lookoutas, Oct 12, 4:38am
Probably not insured!
If it is, it's a window claim.

sparkles_bc, Oct 12, 4:55am
Rear quarter window like yours tend to be the one broken by would be thieves, which makes the demand for that window higher so don't be surprised if wreckers want $80+ for that little piece of glass. Look for individuals on TM who are parting out their car and offer them $40-$60 and as above fit it yourself

ceebee2, Oct 12, 5:30am
Have you checked with your insurance company as some cover that sort of thing with full insurance!

johnf_456, Oct 12, 5:48am
Not even full, got on two cars that are under 3rd party in the fleet.

n1smo_gtir, Oct 12, 9:06am
If u have pik a part near u, it cud b cheaper.

nunesy, Oct 12, 6:02pm
ok thanks for the advice, good to know.

mrsscubasteve, Oct 13, 2:18am
. free, well with my third party insurance it is anyway.

nzfatie, Oct 13, 3:35am
Yeah can DIY if you're mechanically minded. The r/r glass is usually 1/2 the price of the l/r as thieves usually break the curbside glass.

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