Steering Rack .

trader_84, Oct 13, 2:01am
I have this LHD steering rack that I brought in from the US. It is a S3 Jaguar type. I have water blasted the crap out of it and it now looks mint. It will be awhile before it put into service and I know I have probably got water into it. I want to flush it through with clean steering fluid prior to sticking it away. I have a S3 Jag steering pump/reservoir setup from off a kiwi car. The line end fittings look to be the same as the American sourced one. Can I just hook the two up and figure out a way of spinning the pulley to circulate clean oil through the rack assembly or is there another way to achieve the same. I??

NZTools, Oct 13, 3:16am
Make sure the inlet and outlet pipes are emersed on powersteering fluid, then pull the rack ends in and out. it will suck fluid through it.

splinter67, Oct 13, 3:18am
Sounds good to me is there a nut on the end of the pulley if so put a socket on it small extension you should have a big enough drill to fit it in to then bobs your uncle same way we start the lawn mower

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