Hubs with bolt on steering arms?

socram, Oct 24, 2:37am
Certifier won't now accept bolt on steering arms (to bring the steering arms down to the rack) as the hubs didn't originally come with them.
So, out go the Cortina Mk 4 hubs. Does anyone know what makes or models have bolt on steering arms as standard!It will speed things up a bit if we know where to look.

smac, Oct 24, 2:39am

pfemstn, Oct 24, 2:43am

splinter67, Oct 24, 2:52am
xf coon

chebry, Oct 24, 2:59am
Hillman Minx

rob_man, Oct 24, 3:29am
+1. you will then have the same stud pattern.

chebry, Oct 24, 4:42am
Yeah 4X108

racetoy, Oct 24, 4:47am
Dont know if this will help any are you building !maybe check out some of the locost building a v6 powered locost.also found this

bill-robinson, Oct 24, 6:21am
I used toyota ace van front uprights on my toy. Same layout as the triumph herald but larger and stronger.

socram, Oct 24, 6:57am
Thanks for the suggestions so far.I'll pass them on.
Ford Falcon ventilated discs, but stud pattern is MGB.

splinter67, Oct 24, 7:02am
Good luck hope it turns out better than last time

socram, Oct 24, 7:50am
Thanks.Quite a saga that I didn't really anticipate when I entrusted the technical work back at the beginning of 2005.Although the car was running a few weeks ago, I mistakenly thought I was almost at the end of a very long (and expensive) journey.

socram, Oct 25, 4:04am
Had a look at Hillman Minx set today.Jeez, they look spindly compared to the Cortina Mk4 hubs that we started with.Can't see that they'd be stronger than the Cortina hubs with the arms milled off and new ones fabricated, so I am not sure what engineering principle the objection is based on.
Who would even know!if stuff has the correct sized bolts, has all been made out of new material to the right specs, crack tested etc, I do not for the life of me see why it isn't acceptable.
Jeez, life is so frustrating at times.It is a wonder that all race car wheels don't fall off at the first corner.

jmma, Oct 25, 4:08am

ola_bitchola1, Oct 25, 5:00am
Chevette and viva are also common on kit cars

socram, Oct 25, 5:43am
Looks promising!Thanks.

bill-robinson, Oct 25, 6:08am
You would be correct about about the specs. A friend of mine has a pair of Corvette front uprights that are forged Aluminium (aluminum, for those of that bent) that would be capable of supporting most front ends. You can get hubs made to fit your bearing type, disk mount, and PCD to solve the other bits. Press on and question all decisions about you car.

treachug, Oct 25, 6:20am
Most Holden pre '80s had bolt on steering arms. LH, LX, UC Torana may be worth investigating.

socram, Nov 2, 9:46am
Thanks again for the above.Now got older Holden uprights (at last) that will work with a bit of machining.The workshop is well annoyed by so many people who say they'll ring back and never do.
He dropped them off today, so I just have to sandblast them before returning them.
Meanwhile, cage (built before the rules changed) will need an engineer's report so that I can carry on.
I then need the MSNZ logbook, authority card etc etc.

morrisman1, Nov 2, 9:53am
whats the deal with the engineeer's cert socram! Theres a datto 1200 coupe here with an older cage, homologation has been done but lost. A couple options we have is to fly to wellington and have a look ourselves for the paperwork there, or to rehomologate but this cage has the smaller 38.1mm main hoop, before the regs changed to 44.5mm. Dunno what option would be easier in the long run

socram, Nov 2, 7:26pm
I am not too clear morrisman, on what is meant by being "lost".I would have thought that there would be a record in the logbook and MSNZ would have the details on file.
If the car has any competition history, then the logbook number will be on all paperwork for every event the car competed at.

If the "permission" paperwork has been misplaced, but it was passed/homologated, then the older tube is OK.

If the paperwork was never lodged (as in my case) at the time the cage was completed, then either that main hoop now has to be replaced, or you get an engineer's report instead.

It is all a bit silly really, as in my case, it is not a hi spec, high speed race car.It was just sensible to build a basic cage when the shell was bare, so that should anyone want to compete seeriously at a later stage (Targa for example), then the hard work would have been done.It was just something to give me a bit of extra protection in a 60 year old car.

Sometimes, adding safety is not always the easiest thing to do, not from the mechanical or engineering perspective, but from a red tape and hassle perspective.

morrisman1, Nov 3, 6:38am
by lost I mean, yes it was homologated, then the owner went overseas, to aussie for a few years. In the process the paperwork which msnz sent has been lost. It was done shortly before msnz went digital so its not on their computer but they should have it on file in paper form.

clanky, Nov 3, 11:04am
MGB hubs have bolt-on steering arms, too.

socram, Nov 4, 3:54am
Thanks. Got the (Holden) hubs and sandblasted them.

Agree Morrisman.They should have it on file, even if pre digital.At least half the cages on the tracks will be pre-digital.

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