Honda vf750 magna. Hi all just bought one of thesecarbs need a good tune guy saidis very down on powerwhat sort of money would i

skippy33, Nov 5, 12:14am
hi all just bought one of these,carbs need a good tune guy said,is very down on power,what sort of money would i be looking at to get it done,have been told they a prick of a thing to carbs on

kazbanz, Nov 5, 1:57am
skippy -you SAY carbs need a good tune. On what basis are you making that diagnosis!-Mate theres NO barb in that question but before I can offer advice I really need to know the real gen

74nova, Nov 5, 5:04am
What year Magna!

skippy33, Nov 5, 8:43pm
the guy i gt it fron said they needed a tune,he seemed honest enough,hopeing i havent been ripped off.

skippy33, Nov 5, 8:44pm
hi,its a 84

kazbanz, Feb 2, 10:55am
I guess the first thig to do is to give the bike a birthday. Oil/filter change,set the new plugs etc.