Mitsubishi Pajero i0 good and bad info please?

charisma26, Nov 7, 9:08pm
Please tell me the good and the bad!

littleandy28, Nov 7, 9:20pm
hi i drove one for 6 mth before getting a 2.8d and i found it very hard on gas

charisma26, Nov 7, 9:41pm
hey thank you Cost alot of petrol!

charisma26, Nov 7, 9:45pm
is a 1.8l 2001 model!

littleandy28, Nov 7, 9:52pm
yes But sorry it was the 1100 i would say the 1.8 would be much better the 1100 had to work hard all the time

charisma26, Nov 7, 10:15pm
oh ok thats good thanks heaps

franc123, Nov 7, 11:19pm
The 1100 is the Pajero Junior, not the iO, not that it really matters at the end of the day, both vehicles should be avoided IMO and go shopping for an Escudo or even a RAV4 instead.They're too unusual and they weren't even popular in Japan where they are no doubt regarded as less of a joke than what they are everywhere else, they were canned after only a couple of years because of crap sales and for giving no obvious advantages over a Suzuki Jimny or Escudo.I used to do service work on a Junior a couple of years back and even getting service parts like spark plug leads and air/fuel filters etc was a drama.

vtecintegra, Nov 7, 11:24pm
The iO shouldn't be such a problem though, its pretty close to the same engine you'd find in a Japanese Galant or Legnum (GDI and all)

charisma26, Feb 8, 12:57am
Oh thank you might stay away from the ios then lol not worth all the trouble i guess