Subaru Spark Plugs

nev48, Nov 8, 8:25am
Its been suggested I get new spark plugs for my Subaru. does anyone havean idea of the price it is for new ones!Thanks.

magicmat, Nov 8, 8:38am
Is it true that you actually have to lift the engine out to change the plugs in Subaru's due to the flat 4 design!
No abuse please, I was told this recently and thought it sounded a bit over the top. though I remember a friend paid $1200 for a full service on a twin turbo Subaru so maybe it is! (though I never asked what that service entailed).

NZTools, Nov 8, 8:40am
No it's not true. Bank on around $25 per plug.

magicmat, Nov 8, 8:41am
Thanks - well that puts an end to that.

nev48, Nov 8, 8:44am
phew! thats a fair bit cheaper than I was expecting! thanks NZTools

hijacka, Nov 8, 9:04am
Might help if you specified the type of subaru as they all dont just take the same plug. year,model,Na,turbo would be a start.

mrcat1, Nov 8, 9:10am
I think some of the Camrys and Mitzi V3000 or similar you have to lift up or remove engine for changing the spark plugs on theback bank hence why they use a 100,000km plugs.

a.woodrow, Nov 8, 9:43am
Nope, its that you have to remove the inlet manifold to gain access. still a big enough job though

nev48, Nov 8, 9:56pm
1999 Subaru Impreza auto, non turbo 180km. from the service records these have never been changed since NZ new at 60,000km. I went to turn the car on the other day and it didnt start, didnt seem to be winding over either so went into the Garage and spoke with them, they seem to think its the spark plugs anyway. heres hoping!

bitsy_boffin, Nov 8, 10:32pm
Sooo. you charged the battery and it didn't make any difference I take it!

leighfrancesca, Nov 8, 11:44pm
As electro said, try getting the battery checked first.

nev48, Nov 9, 12:40am
it wasnt the battery though - thats fine.

They have serviced it since it was NZ new and have all the records.

lonicera, Nov 9, 4:42am
It can be a DIY job to replace Subaru plugs, but expect a few grazed knuckles as access isn't easy. Also I found out the hard way that Suby's do not like Bosch plugs, they burn them out quite quickly. Changed to NGK and have had no probs.l

ceebee2, Nov 9, 7:38pm
The apparent fact that the engine does not actually turn over as you stated has NO relevance to the spark plugs EXCEPT that you may have ground the cr**p out of the engine to try and start it and have flattened the battery! Is this correct!
Supply as much info about what does work and what you were doing. Our crystal balls here will always conflict.LOL

nev48, Feb 13, 2:43pm
the battery is not flat. it starting fine now since sunday, havent had any problems since. its booked into the garage to have the spark plugs changed.

Thanks for the help and suggestions