Rego costs

hamhonda, Nov 10, 12:42am
Just looking at the cost for rego on my diesel ute, was nearly $390 for 6 months! On the second list down its got cost for it has another list of cost, non petrol driven - private $212, anyone down whats the difference there!

vtecintegra, Nov 10, 12:45am
It says right at the top of the page:
Many people get licensing and registration mixed up

smac, Nov 10, 12:45am
Petrol has ACC on it, diesel doesn't, so it's collected via licensing fees.
(edit: sorry thought you were querying petrol versus diesel)

richard198, Nov 10, 12:46am
The first one is registration.
The second one is licensing.

hamhonda, Nov 10, 12:58am
Oh yer, gotta read everything aye haha. So going by that my 6month LICENCE for the vehicle should be $212, not $387!

smac, Nov 10, 1:17am
I make it $302.just depends what usage you have. You say ute, so I assume goods.

hamhonda, Nov 10, 1:20am
Its my own ute, which i use for work, for taking the missus out to dinned again (nearly that time of the year to take her out again lol), take the kids to school, just like any other personal vehicle

smac, Nov 10, 1:54am
SO $302 then.

hamhonda, Nov 10, 1:56am
no, its classed as a private passenger.

smac, 6 days, 11 hours
Car! You got lucky.