Outboard Mechanics ?

chutneyman, Nov 9, 1:58am
Hi, can anyone explain to me if its easy to change the "Impeller" on a mid 80smariner 30hp please

dave653, Nov 9, 3:01am
Do what I've done. twice, buy a workshop manual for it. I've serviced/repaired all three of my outboards.

icemans1, Nov 9, 3:33am
yes it is easy

johnf_456, Nov 9, 4:39am
Get over it

msigg, Nov 9, 5:04am
Its reasonably simple lay out all the parts in orderand put back the same. if your keeping the motor a owners manual would be good.

mm12345, Nov 9, 5:35am
some tips:
use some dishwash detergent on the new impeller, and rotate it in the direction the engine turns as you slide it into the water pump housing.If you turn it the wrong way, and as a result get the tines bent in the wrong direction, when you start the motor the new impeller might self-destruct.If you can't remember which way the shaft turns, put the box in forward gear, rotate the shaft, see which way the prop turns - and you'll work it out.It's usually clockwise looking from the top, I think, but I could be wrong, which is why I check each time.
There's usually a woodruff key locking the impeller to the shaft.Don't lose it, and don't forget to put it back in.
On an old motor, bolts holding the lower leg/gearbox on are often seized.A blowtorch is thetool to use - before you use too much brute force and snap bolts/studs or round-off the bolt head.Get them really smoking hot, let them cool, and if no luck, then try again even hotter.Spray cans of colour-matched paint are usually available from OEM outboard dealers to touch-up the damage you do.Use plenty of marine grade grease when you reassemble - so you don't face the same problem next time you need to replace an impeller.
Service interval for impeller replacement is often once a year, to once every three years, but depends on a lot of things - like how often you run the boat into sandy beaches etc.Impeller/water pump failure is probably the #1 cause of premature major financial hernias with outboards.

xs1100, Nov 9, 6:02am
can be done quite easy but make sure you line the water tube up properly hahaha was a plick of a job on my evinrude got there eventually but good learning exprience

johnf_456, Nov 9, 9:35am
Lol who cares

rob_man, Nov 9, 9:39am
It took him 8000 hours to learn how to change an impeller !

jmma, Nov 9, 9:46am
Some of that time was used to get his tools (o:

mm12345, Nov 9, 9:59am
7996 - Never count the morning at parts department where they couldn't find the long weight.
Seriously though - outboards can be a PITA - a "simple job" can become your worst nightmare of corroded seized components, inaccessible nuts and bolts, and logic-defying design.If you work on them yourself - even doing relatively simple stuff - then it's almost certain that eventually you'll need to find someone who's been there before and knows the tricks.

johnf_456, Nov 9, 10:01am
Thats for sure

chutneyman, Nov 10, 1:03am
Thanks all. getting new part tommorrow and will attack the job !Im sure it cant be that hard !

johnf_456, Feb 14, 10:55am
Haha whats the minumum donation I fix my outboard when im not one.