NZ V8 crash, footage please

hamhonda, Nov 7, 8:52pm
anybody have a link to some of the footage of the crash/crashes from the V8's at Pukekohe!

rug_nz, Nov 7, 9:14pm

smac, Nov 7, 9:23pm
Over-use of the term aquaplane in that forum. You don't aquaplane on the racing line without standing water. It's more a case of "oh crap I forgot it's raining.whoops".

socram, Nov 7, 9:34pm
Have you driven that track in those conditions!It is lethal in the damp as well as the wet at that point, even on decent tyres.

slarty45, Nov 7, 9:42pm
when slick tyres are driven over standing water
sod all water is dispersed = aquaplane

smac, Nov 7, 9:43pm
No I haven't. I have no doubt it's a difficult situation to manage - having the over-riding objective of 'go as fast as possible' that racing has, but reduced grip due to rain will always give a compromised result at best.

I'm just saying it's not aquaplaning.

rug_nz, Nov 7, 10:24pm
That part of the track(and other parts) has a big problem with standing water, puddles. Slicks cannot push through puddles so they Aquaplane over the top.
It's always been a problem in that area and why most photographers sit down there when it rains.

slarty45, Nov 7, 10:32pm
The bow wave in front of the tyres does not facilitate traction at all.

If the tyres ride up over the water there is a name for it.
Starts with A.

smac, Nov 7, 10:36pm
Yeah no shit sherlock, thanks for clarifying what aquaplaning is.

I'm just looking at the pictures available, and I see a wet racing line, not standing water. You'll note the race reports on the V8 web site do not use the A word at all.

I realise this is pointless discussion, they still crashed. It just irks me when people seem to hold the view that single car crashes in races were beyond the control of the driver.I call bollocks. Unfortunate, unlucky, yes. The driver didn't play a factor! No.

slarty45, Nov 8, 12:21am
so you have seen the pictures
I watched it on tv, & the multiple replays
might not mean much to you
but I have raced around that track
the area where traction was lost is a low point in the track
water does tend to build up in areas like that
summat to do with gravity aparently
hard case eh

elect70, Nov 8, 12:54am
Thought they had"upgraded the track "still the same, whenever there is acrash takes ab hour to fix the barriers & get going again . This was whywe needed a new purpose built racetrack ,.but MSNZ wont use it

socram, Nov 9, 12:18am
Mike Delmont's 2002 Turbo!They usually run at classic meetings organised by HRC.Two grids of E30s and one open grid.Mike is also entered in Arrow Wheels but cannot always do both grids.We look forward to the battles between Tony Roberts' Chev Corvette, the 2002 Turbo, Racing Ray Williams' Porsche and Bruce Manon's Escort with one or two others getting close, but alas, attrition being what it is for classics, I don't think we have had them all out at the same time yet!

socram, Nov 9, 9:32pm
It is not a race IDEA.Those guys are all paid up members of the Arrow Wheels race series. You can also add Andy Turpin's XJS, Mike Sexton's Escort and Neil Tolich's V8 Capri as front runners.Loads more not far behind either, with crowd entertainers Mark Parsons TR7 V8 and Mal Clarks's P6 Rover, plus John Honore's Ferrari, more V8 Capris, Datsun 240Z, MGB V8, and more Escorts, Porsches, Jags etc.

rug_nz, Nov 11, 3:58am

smac, Nov 11, 8:24am
Thanks for posting that, missed it on TV, never know when they're gonna play it.

Having seen it I'd still struggle to say that accident is caused by aquaplaning. It's caused by cars going into a wet corner too fast. Not the first time foggy's done it and won't be the last. The commentator summed it up "I have to admit, I've done that myself". He's not trying to blame something unexpected or beyond his control.

Anywho, all that aside, they're all bagging the race continuing on slicks under those conditions, so what are the rules in NZV8's, can they not pit for tyres! I thought at some point the race director used to declare a wet race and they had to switch! Or was that only before the green flag!

socram, Nov 11, 8:30am
Only before the NZ flag drops. Once the race starts, usually down to the driver.
I can't remember exactly what the track was like at the hairpin.Pukekohe is notorious for conditions changing lap to lap, corner to corner.Whoever leads into a corner basically tests it out for the rest.If number 1 gets through OK, all is good. If he doesn't, chances are the others may also fall off.

smac, Nov 11, 8:35am
Ya have been on Taupo like that for a track day. Was raining off and on during the day but only on one side of the track. So each session first ones over there were testers. Fact remains, in those conditions, some seem to fall off more than others.

twink19, Nov 11, 6:42pm
some will be at Manfield this week end, otherwise the major meeting at Hampton Downs in January.

socram, Nov 11, 8:02pm
I'm not doing the January Festival this time and quite a few of those cars won't either. Just about all HRC meetings have the Arrow Wheels group running.This is the Arrow Wheels calendar for this season.Also links to the entrants list in Arrows and AES (ERC Series, covers both groups).

twink19, Nov 11, 8:46pm
with 27th being non points will many turn up

twink19, Feb 19, 4:55pm
was going to ask to enter, now I have COD schedule Kbut with the no moreEscortsoh well