Are you patient towards Learner Drivers?

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nzrusski1, Nov 10, 5:40am
Just went for a driving lesson with my manager, got abused twice on the road, got the finger, and was tailgated by some idiotic moron, when clearly I had L plates on. I drove around a non-busy traffic area. I didn't speed, nor did I drive slow, minimum i went was 5km/s under the speed limit yet there were plenty of drivers on the road that I saw who went past the speed limit. I followed all traffic rules yet I still received abuse. I did stall a few times, but it only added pressure when someone beeped at me and I've encountered that a few times through my driving lessons.

Aren't L Plates there to tell another driver to remain patient and give the learner driver some space!

Why are some people such a**holes! I never do anything deliberate to piss some people off, yet I make mistakes and some people on the road can't even see or understand I am a Learner! It really ticks me off that there are intolerant people out there that only on the road to serve themselves.

Are you patient towards a learner driver! or do you scream road rage when you encounter one!

fordkiwi27, Nov 10, 5:41am
drive at 50k not 45

gunhand, Nov 10, 5:43am
Welcome to driving, you will enconter all kinds of morons with little or no respect for anything other than own sence of self importance and the idea that they are above the law.

richard198, Nov 10, 5:46am
When my wife was learning to drive, I sometimes left the L plates on the car when I was driving. The increase of harrassment and abuse was staggering as well as a collection of idiots determined to "show me how to drive"!

rob_man, Nov 10, 5:49am
I'm exceptionally tolerant of them. Why, just the other day I waited for two seconds behind one at an intersection before I started ramming his car and firing my gun in the air.

nzrusski1, Nov 10, 5:50am
I said the minimum I drove was 5k under the speed limit but I always tried to maintain to drive near the speed limit, yet many of my driving instructors even some from AA told me there is no pressure on me to go match the exact speed limit as long as its no more than under 10km below the speed limit, and its better to be safe than sorry to be caught speeding. So do you curse at everyone on the road who is driving 2-5KM/s below the speed limit!

fordkiwi27, Nov 10, 5:59am
yep people that drive 45 do my head in! drive at 50

kazbanz, Nov 10, 6:20am
Just to be clear -what you are SAYING is the minimum amount slower than the limit you went was 5k -so often you went a lot slower than that.
Thats how it reads. Yea I know it aint what you meant

aj254, Nov 10, 6:21am
I always give them a bit more space, but people wholeave the L plates on when they aren't learners just coz they're too lazy really piss me off.

nzrusski1, Nov 10, 6:26am
No I meant the slowest I drove was 5k under the limit, i always drove near the speed limit, perhaps 3K max under the speed limit, yet I saw plenty of people on the road breaking the law and driving past the speed limit, some people even went 60k on a 40k road.

Yet why am I told by numerous instructors that its okay to drive under the speed limit and that the speed limit is not a target that I have to always reach, yet I am a learner and still try to manage to drive at a reasonable speed that would remain near the speed limit and safe, and yet some people are unable to have any tolerance or patience towards people who have L plates on, like the time I accidently stalled on the intersection, some dick behind me beeped at me which made me stall again.

Are people stupid or can they not read the large 'L' plate highlighted in Black and Yellow Marking!

gunhand, Nov 10, 6:33am
You have to remember that all those dickswere all born expert drivers and never needed to be taught anything ever or learn the ins and outs of driving, they just new it all. Just like they do now. You find many on these boards and there not hard to pick. So just do your thing correctly and dont worry about the wanna be race drivers hassling you. You will probably note that there cars have long bonnets.

tuttyclan, Nov 10, 7:10am
I get annoyed when people drive below the speed limit for long periods of time or when they pull out from a sideroad and drive at 30k ,so if its a 50 k area drive at 50 not 45 or 40 as some do.
I must admit that around schools or if there are kids playing by the roadside i will slow down to 30 nor 40 k but the rest of the time 50k as thats slow enough lol.

socram, Nov 10, 7:23am
Always give them plenty of leeway.Sadly, Kiwi drivers aren't very tolerant or considerate at the best of times.

Showing L plates in the UK is (or was) a traffic offence, if it isn't a learner driving.Way back when a teenager's wage was less than $16 a week, the fine was $4!

Part of the problem I am sure, is that getting a licence at 15, is when teenagers are at their most antisocial, inconsiderate stage.They carry forward those antisocial driving habits for the rest of their lives.

philltauranga, Nov 10, 7:48am
Dont stress mate, just ignore them, as a truck driver we recive intolerence and abuse all day even though we may be doing nothing wrong, just heavy and slow. Dealing with it is part of the job,you soon learn to ignore them because ifyou dont they will stress you out and thats when mistakes happen, some of them teach you how to be a really defencive driver when they do stupid sh1t around you. Just remember stay alert and look well ahead up the road, if people are abusing you just give them a really big wave and smile, pretend they are a friend whos beeping to say hello, I always do this and it usually calms them down.

kevymtnz, Nov 10, 7:55am
cos yr in Dorkland everyone up there drive like idiots

johnf_456, Nov 10, 7:58am
Same here, unfortunately in Auckland its the rat race syndrome even when you do nothing wrong you will still get morons. Go to fast you will get tickets, go on the limit you will get tailgated / abused, fingers and oscasionally you get the odd one that jumps out of the car who thinks they are right. Regardless of the fact if they pulled out causing you to come to a stop and almost kill them, they will abuse you. Its sad, but if someone showed courteous it would go a long way.

Even if you are in your lane you will still get motorcyclists attempting to chop your mirrors off through unsuitable gaps and dangerous passing. Even had one this morning trying to push her away along the left, so she could turn a 1km down the road. Even driving on the footpath, I kid you not.

Just remember we are all not that bad, everyone learns at one point in there life or another.

ralphdog1, Nov 10, 8:05am
The thing that cured me of being intolerant and pissed off with Learner Drivers was having to teach a Niece to drive.
I now give them a wide berth and am careful to do nothing to stress them.

pollymay, Nov 10, 8:29am
I took off my L plates. I might as well of painted a target on the car.

I don't care for the most part, just dart down another road or whatever. But what really really boils my nerves is the "new driver that gives way to everyone". The instructor should after they miss a few gaps just say "alright go when I say" and guide them through. But they seem to sit there, yell and then I land up party to a family fight that leaves the car sitting right in the way. I can understand missing some gaps but when you are there 5 minutes later it just becomes frustrating. You aren't learning to drive, you're sitting in the roadway being a human roadblock with your sandbag supervisor.

bevharris1938, Nov 10, 9:09am
socram wrote:
Sadly, Kiwi drivers aren't very tolerant or considerate at the best of times.

No not KIWI drivers , AUCKLAND drivers.

wasser61, Nov 10, 9:13am
They are learning you twat, so they may not be use to driving at 50.
Is there a problem with giving them some slack, ya muppet

mantagsi, Nov 10, 9:17am
I must not get out often enough, and truthfully I;ve only been on the road for about 11 - 12 years, and I can't even remember the last time (if ever) that I saw an L plated car with a genuine learner being a pain in the arse - but I can't even count high enough to state the number of dickhead schoolboys fresh out with a restricted who have pissed me off with crazy driving! Oh and a note to some out there, often single occupant vehicles with L plates are in fact people on International Drivers Licences - there are some conditions for these people every now and again that mean they gotta display the L.

mustangsally2, Nov 10, 9:18am
Just back from Perth.drove hundreds of k's.out to Kalgoorlie, down to Albany, all around problems.
Get back to NZ. what a bunch of impatient, non law abiding, speeding drivers .and all the wrecks that are driven on our roads I doubt if they have warrants .

slugly1, Nov 10, 9:50am
I don't mind learner drivers , but i HATE drivers that need to learn how to drive .

owene, Nov 10, 9:59am
No he said "minimum i went was 5km/s". That's 18,000kph so at a guess his manager would be a MIG fighter pilot.

So I see you finally got a job then nzrussk1 - good on ya! Better than sitting on your sofa and complaining so maybe the ribbing a few weeks ago had a positive effect.

richardmayes, Nov 10, 10:13am
Welcome to New Zealand.

There are a lot of f*ckwits here.