Subaru steering Rack?

dasfi, Nov 19, 8:41am
my 95 imprezza feels like it has a little play in sterring, im also wrecking a 94 legacy, wondering if i am able to use the one out of the 94 legacy or are they different! cheers

panicky, Nov 19, 8:47am
you sure its not the rack mounting bushes!

panicky, Nov 19, 8:48am
or tie rod ends!

panicky, Nov 19, 8:48am
or rack ends!

dasfi, Nov 19, 8:50am
na not sure, was just going to swap the hole lot over as i hve the 94 legacy sitting there!

richard112, Nov 19, 9:26am
Recall back about 5 yrs having our Legacy refused a WOF as the rack housing was moving in its mountings. Everything tight to the max. Cut copper packers for the mountings. (about 2mm thick.) No probs since.

hijacka, Nov 19, 10:12am
Quite common for steering rack bushes to wear out. If thats the problem then go buy some new polyurethanebushing cost about $50. the legacy rack will fit as long as its pwstr vs pwrstr etc

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