Nissan. Im having problems with my car its been to 2 mechanics 1 had it on a computer the other checked the motor but could find

shaz68, Dec 23, 11:24pm
Im having problems with my car, its been to 2 mechanics, 1 had it on a computer the other checked the motor but could find nothing wrong. My car shudders like its going to stall which sometimes its does and its hard to start when it stalls, I was going around a corner and it just cut out (yikes no power steering!) can anyone give me an idea on what could be wrong please!

pettal, Dec 23, 11:28pm
Fuel filter , loose battery conections, watercontamination in the petrol.

jmma, Dec 23, 11:28pm
More info, Model, year, engine size etc (o:

theram1, Dec 23, 11:33pm
I see you haven't put "what is the car."

jmma, Dec 23, 11:37pm
Its in the heading, Duh(o:

morrisman1, Dec 23, 11:41pm
check idle air control valve isn't blocked. If it is then with the throttle closed it cannot get any air. The IAC valve if working correctly will give you higher RPM on warm-up and then progressively lower idle speed as the engine warms up. If it is doing this then chances are it is fine

Low fuel pressure maybe! Can be caused by a leak on the high pressure line, a faulty pressure regulator, blocked fuel filter or a fuel pump not operating correctly.

Then there is the air flow meter. The GA15DE in the n15 pulsar is particually prone to fail the air flow meter. If the car is otherwise running fine then chances are it is not the air flow meter. A squirt of the hot-wire element with some CRC air flow meter cleaner (can get it from repco I think) never hurts

morrisman1, Dec 23, 11:43pm
if it shudders when going around a corner and the engine is under load then It could well be the fuel pump has an air leak. Do the symptoms change between when you have a full tank and an empty tank!

shaz68, Dec 23, 11:46pm
Its a nissan avenir, and morrisman1 thank you so much Ill will get all these things checked, I really appreciate your posts Merry Christmas

shaz68, Dec 23, 11:50pm
Its really weird when Im driving to work of a morning it always goes to stall at the first couple of sets of lights like the car has to warm up, there is no change from half a tank or a full tank,

lugee, Dec 23, 11:59pm
But does it run right after it warms up! If so, sounds like idle control valve is jammed.

bitchwitattitud, Dec 24, 12:23am
Nissan Avenirs have been production since 1990, they have at least 9 or so different drivetrain configurations. Supply model number and engine code off chassis plate so people can narrow down the fault

shaz68, Dec 24, 12:30am
Not really can randomly cut out

mrfxit, Dec 24, 12:49am
So .
It dies turning corners
It trys to die when braking to a stop
can randomly cut out

shaz68, Dec 24, 12:50am
off the top of my head its a 2003 model my husband out in it at the moment so will update with model number and engine code later

xs1100, Dec 24, 12:53am
air flow meter can be fixed about $150.00 out west,normally the solder joins need to be fixed,very common on nissan pulsars and the wingroads use the same mtr

shaz68, Dec 24, 12:58am
Thank You for your advice will get this checked. merry xmas

shaz68, Dec 24, 1:04am
Yes has done that twice
yes quite often
yes every so often
maybe I should just get rid of car!

xs1100, Dec 24, 1:14am
hahaha sorry just saw were you were most auto electrcians will be able to surprised that yr local garage didnt pick it up go and have a word to them and just ask if they think it could be at fault also as i say fairly common problem on them so they might have discounted it

shaz68, Dec 24, 1:24am
I was really surprised that the 2 garages the car went to didnt find any fault whatsoever, thank you, auto electrician here I come

mrfxit, Dec 24, 2:33am
Sorry had to go out for a while. more questions ;-)
All answers can help eliminate or confirm issues

Drives ok in a straight line
Accelerates ok
Starts from cold ok
Does it blow black /white or blue smoke when starting after a stall

shaz68, Dec 24, 8:35pm
No problems with any of the above, when it stalls at the lights it sort of hesitates to restart, but it does start

morrisman1, Dec 25, 3:07am
if it was a faulty IAC valve it should still start OK, especially when warm. I'm thinking fuel pressure issues or an ignition module.

xs1100, Dec 25, 9:45am
x wifes car has same problem diagonised afm

cpnnz, Dec 25, 9:53am
Had a blocked EGR valve on a primera had a few similar issues.

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