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jkm, Dec 29, 6:12am
So I needed a steering rack boot for my VT Commodore. Went to Supercheap and they had some boots on the shelf for $12.95. Now there is no parts manual for the boots so I check in with one of the young assistants and he says he has to order one for the Commodore and will cost $22.00 including freight. i said not happy to pay the freight for an item which probably should be on the shelf. So I go off and check Ripco. sure sir we have one , will cost you $48.00, I said no it wont , you can keep it.
So I decide to take a caliper measurement of the rack ends and then measure the boots that Supercheap have on the shelf, one of them measures up perfectly so make the purchase and head home. Fitted it up today and fits perfectly. Checked online and the part number of the one I bought is for a Mitsi with 1mm differnce in the diameter. Summary is i have made the repair and happy I didnt go withthe Ripco option!

curlcrown, Dec 29, 6:17am
All that kerfuffle when you could have got someone else to do it for uner $100???00

metallicafan21, Dec 29, 6:18am
Cool story bro. Can you print this out and sign me a copy and post it!

intrade, Dec 29, 6:18am
lol just get one from supersheep or partsmaster. supercheap do charge for fraight but even with that you be cheaper . and all charge fraight for orders , you can with some places tell em to order it when they get bulk shipped then its free but its usually like 7 bux fraight only anyhow.

intrade, Dec 29, 6:19am
also i got someuniveral ones sometimes on the shelf that cut to size , And a stretchy thing so you dont have to remoove the rod-end as that would mean a wheel alignement after.

intrade, Dec 29, 6:21am
I just machined som brake pistons today for my mercs rear brakes all ready to go now but got to wait till 7 january now for a wof recheck if you want another cool story signed and sent lol

metallicafan21, Dec 29, 6:24am
intrade, nah machining interests me, as i used to be an apprentice machinist/engineer but completed my trade in fabrication

snoopy221, Dec 29, 6:24am
Ya know this reminds me of doin outer C.V. joints on a landy cruiser.
Stated- Righto-now i'm on the phone pricing around mate.
This is where my time is worth well over a hundred bucks an hour mate.
Priced from 300 each down to 60 each-I.E. 600 or 120 being the obvious 480 dollars cheaper.
So essentially all you are saying in post one is one can obtain differing prices for automotive parts.

[Funny thing was the owner of the cruiser didn't believe the price difference and thought he was going to get half a joint- L O L ]

trader_84, Dec 29, 6:25am
Good on you mate! I was going to say . I got a pair from off here a couple of months ago for $1.00 I think. I paid more for the freight. They were/are a universal fit by the looks of them . I matched them up to the Jaguar rack i got them for and they look like they are going to be a close to perfect fit. So given my limited experience in the matter and reading what you've found . I'd say that there might only be a few main rack sizes meaning one size of boot might fit a heap of different applications.

jkm, Dec 29, 6:27am
yea but I am on leave, got time to burn so now I can use the $88.00 for something else!

franc123, Dec 29, 6:28am
Gotta love Repco and their markups. I've even busted them selling genuine parts in genuine boxes with the genuine part no for all to see for more than double what the retail was from the local agent.No doubt that care has to be taken, if something seems too dear it probably is.

snoopy221, Dec 29, 6:32am
re repco appco/lucas

ALWAYSget the appco/lucas price checked in the repco computer.
Many times the same part is a LOT cheaper from appco/lucas.
Same company-but diferrent pricing.

chevcamaro, Dec 29, 6:33am
bloody good show old mann,

jkm, Dec 29, 6:50am
is this like machinist porn!

trader_84, Dec 29, 6:56am
No quickchange there Ronny! :))

intrade, Dec 29, 7:02am
did you fit your boot with a tool like this! or undone the rack joint !

johnf_456, Dec 29, 7:06am
Then have to wait to book it in, drop car off, find your way home, find away to get back to garage especially if rural.

Doing things your self is much less stressful, especially if you are mechanically minded like us petrol heads. And thats normal for Repco, the only advantage of them is they are open on a sundays. So sometimes you have to bite your teeth and go for it if its urgently required.

trader_84, Dec 29, 7:08am
How does that work!

intrade, Dec 29, 7:12am
it goes over the stubb where the crown nut is the funnel , My one is like a mushroom its quite hard to do then you chuck the rubber in hot water or heat it with hot air and rub it like hell so it becomes soft then smear it all full of oil and grease inside the boot and pull it over the lot . there is a video on youtube they got a sock there but the thing does the same as that. It works but got to have some strenght and dont slip off .!v=rrtQwjjLQFA

jmma, Dec 29, 7:33am
In the old days, we just used to count the turns we took the tie rod end off(o:

johnf_456, Dec 29, 7:41am
Works well with a plastic funnel like device, I do it this way all the time. The key is to lube it well (crc and grease etc) and have a good upper body strength to push it upand over

The plastic funnel like device is often available at repco

jmma, Dec 29, 7:44am
And I thought you were a virgin (o:

johnf_456, Dec 29, 7:50am
Lets keep it family friendly.

jkm, Dec 29, 7:53am
Took the ball joint off. and yes did the count the turns trick. I am waiting to possibly replace the steering rack as it has a very minor fluid leak, but at least it will pass a wof now. The car is not our daily runner.

johnf_456, Dec 29, 8:00am
They even come with some parts kits, no need to worry about a alignment after. Not the one I use but cant find a similar pxt of the tool I have, but should give you the idea.

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