Brake proportioning valve.

motorboy2011, Mar 3, 10:20pm
anyone know where it is on a 1996 nissan stagea with abs. 40% imbalance from left to right

bjmh, Mar 3, 10:31pm
have you checked basics before prop valve,i think prop valve would alter balance front to rear .not left to right.

motorboy2011, Mar 3, 10:53pm
had a near 40% imbalance at last wof, new pads JUST scrapped it in. Have just fitted bigger calipers, disks (machined), and new pads. the imbalance is the same wheel that was out with the old calipers, pads and disks.Thinking of swapping the front left an right brake feeds at the abs unit to see if the fault switches sides, im guessing the proportion valve is in the abs unit now

intrade, Mar 3, 10:56pm
the bigest problem is no one changes brake fluid after 24 month this is where all them problems originate from.

sr2, Mar 4, 2:48am
I'd pull the fuse on the ABS (not being familiar with the model I'm presuming it to be the easiest way to disable it) and try it on the rollers again. let us know how you go and we can suggest the next step in diagnosing the problem, I'm picking it's probably not an ABS fault.

mrfxit, Mar 4, 3:20am
Some dual line brake systems use a left front/ right back (& vise versa) cross over system

motorboy2011, Mar 4, 4:33am
will do sr2.

Mr fix, it's 3 a 3 channel system, 2 lines come out the master cylinder, both these go directly into the abs unit. exiting out the abs unit is 3 channels, one for both rear wheels, one for front left and one for front right

happylad3, Mar 4, 6:59am
So if there's ONE brake line going to BOTH rear wheels. Then they will be getting exactly the same amount of brake pressure! If you have just fitted new calipers etc. I'd go back and check all of the slides and pistons etc. then rebleed the whole braking system.

les6, Mar 4, 7:07am
also check the integrity of your hoses.I had one once that had a weak point and was ballooning under pressure!

motorboy2011, Mar 4, 7:38am
oh crap, it's only the fronts that are not balanced, totally missed that in my orig post!

happylad3, Mar 4, 7:58am
Well the rest of my post still stands. Check slides and pistons. Then rebleed te brake fluid. A pocket of air on one side will compress giving a lower reading.

motorboy2011, Mar 4, 8:08am
maybe air, calipers are 4 pots so no sliders, just seems strange the same side is down the same % as the previous caliper on the same side

mrfxit, Mar 4, 8:21am
That could indicate a partly crushed line& maybe a bit of grit floating around that spot.
OR a partly collapsing rubber pipe as above effect

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