Opel Vectra 92 2ltr (Bake pressure Valve)

booked60, Nov 19, 7:51am
Brake Pressure valve can anyone tell me where this is located! it failed a wof due to bake imbalance I got him to find the course p/valve been stuffed.mechanic says $280 new or 170 2nd hand but he said I have x2 valves non abs help please.I want to know were this is on the car my sisters 's car

franc123, Nov 19, 8:23am
Before we start panicking, have the rear brakes been checked for any other problems first!Lining or rotor/drum wear, siezed or sticky calipers or wheel cylinders!Not sure if that model has discs or drums on the rear.The other thing that is worth trying is swapping over the drums or brake rotors if there is nothing else obviously wrong, whatever applies, from side to side and rechecking.

booked60, Mar 31, 10:52am
well not really!
should we be checking the rear before we look at other options! this has rear drums. may be an Idea over look the rear as well as the line.
Other options!