Power Steering Fluid. Hi guys is it safe to use synthetic atf as a substitute for chf 11 s

sr2, Feb 28, 6:18am
Hi guys, is it safe to use synthetic ATF as a substitute for CHF 11 S!

intrade, Feb 28, 6:30am
i would say no google said its a special hydraulic fluid.

rob_man, Feb 28, 7:53am
I have always used ATF for power steering fluid, has something changed! why wasn't I informed!

panicky, Feb 28, 8:25am
Normally used in Mercs and BMW.Penrite make a CHF11S fluid called LDAS , sold by Partmaster, maybe Repco also. It is a synthetic hydraulic fluid . so maybe, it is probably a different viscosity!

panicky, Feb 28, 8:30am
ATF is a hydraulic fluid

sr2, Feb 28, 9:01am
Thanks guys, I'll play it safe and use Penrite.

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