Power steering pump has a serious leak

ayjay1, Aug 6, 7:51pm
The powersteering pup on my 94 commodore is leaking badly. Do these things get reconditioned or replaced. If it is either, or!what is the best option please

tmenz, Aug 6, 9:46pm
Are you saying it's a dog!

ayjay1, Aug 7, 12:04am
Ha ha you got me there. I just wish it wasnt leaking oil

tmenz, Aug 7, 12:19am
Where is it leaking from!
If it's around the outlet fitting, it may be just an O ring seal. I don't know about Commodores but on my Honda it was an easy fix - 2 bolts, new O ring.

srrolla76, Aug 7, 3:34am
your better going new, or second hand one not leaking. at the end of the day ur going to have to piss around taking it off anyway so why waste time fixing an old one! myswell pull old one off and staight on with a new one i say, thats what i would do

pieman33h, Aug 7, 3:47am
its probably the o ring around where the resorvoir goes into the pump, thats easy to fix, cost about 2 bucks, i would try that first - before forking out for a new pump

kazbanz, Aug 7, 3:56am
Where EXACTLYis it leaking from ! It might pay to give the whole plot a darn good clean up and see where the leak is

ayjay1, Sep 17, 3:43pm
Thanks for that. I will check it out.