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dasfi, Feb 20, 7:54am
92 toyota corona, taking it for a wof tomorrow and key jus started jamming up so i cant turn igniton on, have put a little oil down there to try and free it, any hints!

mugenb20b, Feb 20, 7:55am
Can you get a new key cut!

dasfi, Feb 20, 7:57am
i could prob try that, any way just to breakit so it wont happen again or so i can take it to work tomorrow

zeppar64, Feb 20, 7:58am
take out door lockout of drivers doortake to lock smith they will match key to the correct code

theram1, Feb 20, 8:32am
crc type stuff and wiggle it. Try to free it up.

dasfi, Feb 20, 8:34am
tried that, any way to just break it!

llortmt, Feb 20, 8:39am
If you take the worn key to a competent auto locksmith they will be able to cut a new one from code. No need to remove a door lock.

jmma, Feb 20, 8:43am
No one is going to tell you how to steal a car (o:

dasfi, Feb 20, 8:44am
ha ha not trying to do that, its just my run round car so dont care if i have to break it lol just need to use it

smac, Feb 20, 8:50am
Breaking a steering lock is going to involve taking to the steering column with a crow bar.follow the options mentioning a key.

NZTools, Feb 20, 8:51am
Unlike in the movies, it is not that easy to break the lock without stuffing everthing else in the steering column.

dasfi, Feb 20, 8:53am
ha ha ok fair enough, cant i just take the covers off and unbolt the whole lock mecanisim!

curlcrown, Feb 20, 8:59am
You probably can in an old car like that with a bit of mucking around. There might be some special bolts that you have to drill through or remove in some other creative way and replace them with normal bolts.

pollymay, Feb 20, 10:46am
To remove the steering lock generally you need to remove the ignition. To do that it has to be in ACC I believe. To do that your key has to work. If your key worked then you wouldn't be asking lol

You might be able to drill and smash things out though. However you'll then need a new column more than likely. Locksmitch is prolly cheaper than that

twink19, Feb 20, 7:23pm
just cut through the rivets that hold the lock to the column, usually brass

dunwoody, Feb 20, 8:28pm
ASk the first teenager that comes along, He will have your car going in fifteen seconds.It is easy and simple no iools needed, but no one is going to tell you how on here.

funkydunky, Feb 20, 8:31pm
um - are you wiggling the steering wheel when you try to turn the key!

tazcsv, Feb 20, 8:48pm
We have done plenty of kp starlets, takes 2 guys one on each side of the steering wheel and swing on it till it breaks, its not that easy but it can be done.

bellky, Feb 20, 9:19pm
This^ except don't drill anything - use a dot punch and hammer to turn the bolts.

gizmsme, Feb 20, 9:47pm
AND never put liquid in a lock. Use graphite!Liquid will accumulate all the dirt and dust and make your problem worse.
You have tried giving the steering wheel a good jolt from side to side as you turn the key, it maybe the lock part that goes into the column shaftitself that is stuck!
The dot punch method as above is the best way to remove the ignition, done it many times as a auto wrecker.Good luck.

danejia, Feb 21, 8:58am
oh no not another guy into graphite! it kills locks! ask any landrover workshop how many ignitions they have had stop working because they all got that crap put in them. not many people know but graphite is only used for making keys to house locks without pulling the lock apart.
O.P listen to the people and get a new key cut to code. will be the best $20 you will spend on your car

intrade, Feb 21, 9:30am
get it in to acc then you can push a nail in the lock body under the plastic cover that you remove to expose the lock and when you push the nail in while its in Acc the whole lock will come out and you can take that for fixing to te locksmith and use a screwdriver to start it in mean time

terry6000, Feb 21, 10:36am
Yes you can it is held by rivets and you need a flat head screw driver and a hammer.Just tap the rivetsanti clock-wise and you will find their not on tight

andrewph, Feb 22, 1:21am
The other way is to remove the barrel and key Take the lower column cover off. Wiggle the key while gently trying to turn the steering wheel back and forth. Get the key to the acc position . look up from underneath at the barrel and look for a 4mm pin sticking out a few mms. push it in with a probe and the barrel will come out with the key.

dasfi, Feb 22, 5:22am
No shit $25 factory key made, works a treat, now seeing the old one its so worn its not funny

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