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snicketl, Feb 21, 11:07pm
I have a 2002 Toyota Ipsum brought about 3 years ago for $14,000. It has had heaps of various mechanical problems.

We now have to replace the motor as the head gasket blew. We have a quote for about $3,000.

Would it be worth doing this? Or better to just buy a new car? If we were to not replace the motor, would we be able to get any money 'as is' for the body of the car which is in great condition? If so, who would we go to, like a wrecker or something?

Would really appreciate some advice as I am very confused as to whether it is worth repairing.


franc123, Feb 21, 11:27pm
What are the problems it has had and why is a new engine needed? Has it been overheated, and if so why?

tamarillo, Feb 21, 11:47pm
1. depends on miles and condition but seems to be worth up to $5000 real sale price, lot less maybe. One at $2000 on sale right now.
You don't need a motor to fix blown head gasket so yes, what were symptoms, what was happening? If all you have done is blown head gasket better off getting that fixed.
Might see as is to someone wanting to fix but have to be damn cheap for them to take risk with car of low value, wrecker same.
Worth investigating fixing it, more info please, and sounds like you need another workshop.

jason18, Feb 21, 11:48pm
Wow that's big money for an old car! Can you not see if a head gasket fix in a bottle will work?

kazbanz, Feb 21, 11:50pm
Based on the information you are giving in your first post and assuming your K's are between 80 and 150 then IMO you are best to invest $3000 into the existing vehicle and replace the engine.
Yes you could trade it in as is where is but reality is it will likely fetch around $500 and you have to find another $7000-$13000 for a similar vehicle but newer.
Even if you decide later that you just don't trust the vehicle then it will be worth more than the $3000 you invest.

kazbanz, Feb 21, 11:52pm
Tamarillo- with one of those 2.4 2002 engines its more economical to just replace the engine.than fix the gasket--Unless you do the work yourself

intrade, Feb 22, 12:06am
what exact engine and transmission has it got? should be able to tell.
Also i wonder why did it blow up and why did it have
heaps of various mechanical problems.
do you not ever service the car or do you take it to some swaptron parts-clown with fancy workshop and 0 clues?

franc123, Feb 22, 12:24am
It just occurred to me that it might be that oil burning direct injected emission choked pile of junk D4, in which case a used engine with a good warranty might be
the best course of action.

snicketl, Feb 22, 8:28am
Thank you so much for your advice, apologies that I had not seen them earlier. Unfortunately I think it is my fault that I did not act quicker when it started to overheat during the summer holidays. I was refilling the water regularly and the light was coming on, but I stupidly thought I could put off getting it fixed for a bit while I saved a bit more money after christmas, by just using it for short trips and filling it often.
Totally my fault, and yes so stupid in hindsight. So the mechanic that had a look said it was a badly blown head gasket and would need a whole new motor.
Thank you for the advice, I may get another quote before deciding.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 8:33am
Well that's enough to put anyone off buying one! What's so special about it that you can't do a head gasket? Then at least you know it's good rather than have an unknown engine that might do same.
Any shopping trolley that needs more than 3 grand to do a head gasket is a piece of proverbial surely.

fordcrzy, Feb 22, 8:48am
they have the 2azfe motor like the camry and rav 4 which have been known to have head issues anyway. oh and they dont have a temp gauge. just a "your ****ed the motor has gone thermonuclear" warning light. oh but they do have a rev counter which is very useful in an ECU controlled automatic. WTF?

quickbuck, Feb 22, 9:32am
Just a totally awesome machine all round then.

littlerae1, Feb 22, 11:10am
I did the same thing! Temp gauge went from half-way to HOT within a minute. Since that time, I was having to fill the radiator with water every time I used the car.

Complained to mechanic about it every six months and it wasn't until 18 months later that mechanic said the water was coming out of the exhaust. So he put some of that head gasket fix in a bottle into the radiator and it's been fine ever since. Though I have been instructed not to drive it to Auckland anymore.

kazbanz, Feb 22, 9:04pm
I'll put a fair bit of money on there being a cooling system issue.The head gasket blowing would be as a result of running the car too hot for a long time.Basicly the OP has cooked the engine but good.The blown head gasket is a symptom not a cause unto itself.
Its a matter of economics. Because the cars been cooked a mechanic hasn't a clue re cracked head,cooked rings etc.

macman26, Feb 22, 9:22pm
Would also pay to get the cooling system checked and radiator cleaned out. Had a mate with a cooked motor. He repaired motor and I told him to get the thermostat and radiator replaced (was some Indian import radiator the radiator shop wouldn't touch). Na she'll be right he said. Put back together and oh, still overheating. Replaced the mentioned parts and was all good.

tamarillo, Jun 2, 11:45pm
Thanks, that makes sense.

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