Nissan or just brake experts help please

shane038, Nov 17, 4:02am
Hey guys I need to adjust the handbrake on my 91 Terrano can anyone tell me the procedure as its 4 wheel disc brakes and I am unsure of the procedure.

unbeatabull, Nov 17, 4:49am
Do you need to adjust the travel or are the readings out of balance/one side not working!

If just the travel, there should be an adjuster either under the centre console or around the hand brake lever, or one under the car.

shane038, Nov 17, 4:55am
Need to adjust the travel, is it just a matter of adjusting the cable! I know Mazda's with 4 wheel discs there is an adjuster on the calipers.

jsbike, Nov 17, 4:58am
adjuster should be up by the hand brake handle, you might need to remove the center console or there may be something you can remove on the center console (like a ash tray) to get to it

grover13, Nov 17, 5:03am
Have a look at your drive shaft where it goes into the back of the gearbox.

If it's like my Patrol there will be a brake drum on the shaft.
You can adjust the shoes inside thru the slot in the drum just like an ordinary wheel drum brake.
You can also just take the 4 bolts out and drop the end of the drive shaft and take the drum off to see what's going on inside. - remember to take the handbrake off to get the drum off.

shane038, Nov 17, 5:20am
Terrano's don't have Carden shaft brakes unfortunately.

mm12345, Nov 17, 6:26am
I've got a Safari ('88 TD42).
From personal experience, I agree, it's a damn good idea to check out the drum at regular intervals.
Believe me that if even a little bit of transfer case oil seeps out of the seal, spins on to the drum, soaks into the linings, but not enough to ever drip oil on your driveway, that the hand brake will still work fine and you'll pass WOFs.Until one fine day, that transfer case oil eventually dissolves the adhesive bonding the linings to the shoes, and on a steep slope, the linings slide right off the shoes, and nek minut.
I was very lucky - only 1/2 out the door when the old safari started going backwards down a hill at a vast rate of knots.
If you ever need to replace shoes, the shoes are identical to some (IIRC) Hino truck shoes which cost $35 a set.They even had the same serial #'s, - identical.Nissan parts price was the usual hilarious joke to which I have become accustomed.

kingfisher21, Nov 17, 7:02am
Terrano's don't have the brake on the rear of the transfer case, it is inside the rear rotors, slot on the backing plate to adjust, adjust them 1st then the cable, don't just do the cable 1st.

alan1111, Nov 17, 6:28pm
Lazy mechanics only adjust the cable which is wrong. I must see about 3 Holdens and Fords a week that have failed wof for excessive h/brake travel on these. Takes about 45 minutes to adjust these correctly. Most lazy mechanics just adjust the cable the owner then feels travel is better and got no idea it has been done wrong.LAZY LAZY LAZY

shane038, Nov 17, 7:56pm
^ Thats why I am trying to find out how to actually adjust the rear brakes.

steve312, Nov 17, 10:59pm
Correct way to adjust the handbrake is to release the cable adjuster so the cable is not holding the brakes on at all.Then adjust the manual adjuster at the rear brake backing plate.Adjust the shoes until they are dragging and then back them off until the wheel turns freely.Reset the cable tension so that the free play is gone and check that the wheels still turn freely.Job done :o)Good luck.

shane038, Nov 18, 6:31am
Thanks Steve :) thats what I needed!

ml6989, Nov 18, 9:24am
Text book answer! Saved me a whole lot of typing!

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