Peugeot 207

martin28384, Jan 26, 9:03pm
is that true about peugeot 207 gti 2007 model that they need to replace the chain drive and the auxiliar belt every 100.000 kms. and the cost its around 2000 bucks?

woody1946, Jan 26, 9:23pm
Everything Peugeot is expensive, I don't understand why people buy them ?
For example 308 Gearbox solenoid packed up at 93 000ks $2500 to fix, now the blinkers won't turn off $1200 for a new switch, and a 406 V6 $600 for a set of high tension leads 3 weeks wait to come from France

djrandomguy, Jan 26, 11:00pm
the engines in the 207gti are the same engines used in the 2nd generation BMW Mini, it was a development of an existing PSA unit already proven. Under a handshake deal with BMW at the time the 207 gti was not to match the Mini in terms of overall HP, so with this in mind Peugeot focused on mid-range punch and more useable torque lower in the rev range the result being a car that was slower 0-100 but much quicker on a tight circuit. We have had our 3rd Peugeot now for 3 years, we have added over 100,000k's to it in this time and we have had no unexpected majors- we did, cam belt service, replaced speedo sender unit $150, in tank fuel pump $700 and had the rear torsion beam re-set. Peugeots are great if you get the right ones.

woody1946, Jan 26, 11:38pm
The cost of the leads included fitting, which according to the mechanic means taking parts off to get to the back of the motor.Its aV6

fiatracer, Jan 27, 12:48am
the dreaded indicators - either wont cancel, or over-cancel and indicate other way. there's a simple fix involving a piece of scotchbrite pad - on youtube - and worked for my dad who has a 307

djrandomguy, Jan 27, 12:57am
darn it, I'd glady swap my crazily overlooked, rust proof, sublime handling, supremely economical and mega load carrying peugeot for a super average snooze box with a lifetime warranty on the indicator switch

woody1946, Jan 27, 2:59am
OK, would you like to give me a link where I can purchase a set of leads for a 406 V6 in New Zealand, Thanks

helen149, Jan 27, 3:05am
My husband and I have been together for over 40 years. In all that time he will have nothing but Peugeots - he loves them and I've got to say we have had very little problem with any of them.

fiatracer, Jan 27, 3:26am
well, I am a Europhile, have owned a Pug [and a Renault and 9 Citroens] but the indicator stalks on 206, 307 Pugs is a shameful example of cost cutting - absolutely no excuse for such a crappy part to be fitted.

fiatracer, Jan 27, 3:27am

woody1946, Jan 27, 4:08am
How come the Peugeot dealer in Palmy had to order from France then?

woody1946, Jan 27, 4:14am
Would be interesting to know how old they were when you upgraded each time?

mugenb20b, Jan 27, 4:32am
So, plugs can be done without removing the manifold?

woody1946, Jan 27, 4:34am
So was it high tension leads for a 406 V6 your man in Hastings got for you ? because this is what my discussion is about. Sure he may source other parts, but not what I was needing The dealer in Palmy was the mechanic and I'm sure they would not have provided a courtesy car for 3 weeks if the parts were available in NZ

thejazzpianoma, Jan 27, 4:48am
You don't need to replace the entire switch. You just replace the worn plunger which is $16 including delivery from ebay uk. Full instructions including a video of the process is available and linked from the advertiser.

Likewise Ignition lead sets are available from various UK suppliers, I don't know why you would want to wait 3 weeks for $600 NZ ones when they should be available ex UK in a week for under $200.

None of this is difficult or time consuming to do. It should be quicker and easier than ringing somewhere in NZ and ordering, and it's delivered right to your door.

woody1946, Jan 27, 5:23am
Thanks, You need to read my posts. I thought that when you take a car to a dealer they would know where to source parts in the shortest possible time. It seems dealers are not to worried how much they charge for repairs

woody1946, Jan 27, 5:26am

mugenb20b, Jan 27, 5:39am
No, did you read post #5?

woody1946, Jul 20, 11:57pm
Thanks, but don't worry, the job was done months ago, and have since sold the car. I was just commenting on my experience with the cost of Peugeot parts

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