Wiring for isuzu elf 250 exhaust brake

pp-race, Jul 25, 4:44am
does any one have a wiring diagram? Trying to find out why the exhaust brake isnt working. its a 92 elf The actuator is working and moces freely, but light on dash doesnt come on and the bulb is new,

bigfatmat1, Jul 25, 6:35am
Don't have a wiring diagram but a few things to check are. Is the engine heat switch on? Is the cold idle adjust wound out? Also common failures are clutch switch, on the pedal. neutral switch on top of gearbox. Accelerator switch on the pedal. There is also a relay top of dash it is marked

pp-race, Dec 27, 8:02am
Thanks will look at those. My truck is an automatic aswell

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