Peugeot 206. Why would the STOP dash light be on?

trogedon, May 9, 4:47am
Any (sensible) ideas?

gmphil, May 9, 4:53am
blown bulb/fuse for stop lamp

intrade, May 9, 4:56am

saxman99, May 9, 5:08am
There's a bunch of reasons. Basically a sensor has detected something out of range that will cause engine damage if you keep driving; e.g. very high engine temp, very low oil pressure, etc.

You would be well advised to have a pug specialist have a look at it.

trogedon, May 9, 5:23am
Yeah, I checked that. It looks to be too full but that could just be the way I'm reading it.

trogedon, May 9, 5:57am
Interesting read but the temp only comes up to middle range thankfully.

trogedon, May 9, 5:59am
Is the light only related to the engine?

intrade, May 9, 7:13am
its most likely related to anything that you should not continue to operate it hence the big mother stop light. at a guess from what my link seems to show what it is for.

saxman99, May 9, 7:14am
Good question. I *think* so but cant be absolutely certain. I have a peugeot scantool, I'm happy to do a free fault code recall for you if you want, if the car can appear in franklin. May not tell you much but perhaps a starting point.

trogedon, May 9, 7:59am
Thanks for the offer. I'm going to Aka Aka tomorrow but to be safe I'll take the Nissan.

trogedon, May 9, 7:59am
Thanks. Will do so.

saxman99, May 9, 8:01am
All good.

jmma, May 10, 8:34am
Problem = Pugot (o:

trogedon, May 13, 3:11am
I drove it to the Pug specialist today. The STOP light had gone off but the engine light was on. Joy. It didn't seem to phase him so we'll look forward to having it right.

intrade, May 13, 4:09am
didn't seem to phase him now that would have been something that would set of extreem alarm bells , from my experience its only swaptron morons whom are not phased by serious looking problems , afterall they dont pay for there wrong guessings , A professional would have asked when the light turned on and explained to you the reasons why this light can be on .

intrade, May 13, 4:21am
make sure you get detailed information what they done exactly and post it.

trogedon, Jan 30, 11:04pm
I guess the light being on didn't ring alarm bells for him because it sounded fine, was running fine (at the time) and was now at his workshop so he could find/fix. It'll be nice to know what it is/was.

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