Jeep cherokee question

jamie2016, May 22, 3:29pm
im looking at buying a 6 cylinder 4.0L one and dont know anything about 4wd's and wish to know if there are any known faults with them. can they be converted to a V8 without any hassles and how good are they in structural integrity for low to medium speed accidents as in can they simply fall over at 60kph cause of their high centre of gravity?.

phillip.weston, May 22, 4:46pm
what year?

franc123, May 22, 7:07pm
There is no such thing as hassle free engine conversions on modern vehicles, even fairly primitive ones like Cherokees, there is always far more work involved than you'd think, factory V8 Grand Cherokees are not expensive to buy anyway. I'm sure that there would be more crash test data available in the US than you would care to look at and it wouldn't make for pleasant reading, later ones with ESC and better SRS equipment are no doubt a lot better.

tamarillo, May 22, 7:40pm
Put it like this. If you get in to trouble and end up at a dramatic angle, sliding or just turning, any tall, simple, heavy thing will flip way before something with a lower centre gravity, better suspension, lighter.
But if you need strong 4wd jeeps give a lot for the money and can do real 4wd stuff.
Depending on how old you're looking changes picture, newer better by far.
As other said if you wanna v8 buy a v8.
Auckland mate has a a Jeep Grand Cherokee srt8 with hotted up hemi. He need 4wd and loves big yank muscle. It's hilarious with huge grunt and squirt and then slow in for corners whilst it leans over.
Also has a Chevy blazer for wife which seems good alternative to older cheaper jeep with GM V6 in.

pico42, May 22, 7:57pm
Aren't the Cherokees a monocoque body whereas most true 4WDs are a body and separate chassis?

thunderbolt, May 22, 8:14pm
As already suggested, V8 versions can be purchased for about the same money as the inline 6, so not worth converting.

jamie2016, May 22, 11:52pm
post number two, its a 1994 model but thankyou to everyone for their input all the same .

franc123, Jan 17, 4:58pm
Depending on your purchasing budget look at the factory V8 Grand Cherokees from the late 90's onwards, they're nice comfortable wagons and if you are clearly interested in that sort of vehicle they are amongst the best available IMO.

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