'91 Camry park brake. Urgent help pls

richard112, Aug 16, 1:35am
Car load of LoLs stopped here. Car had boiled. Short story, suggested they accept a lift to the lunch they were off to & leave the car here. I'd do what I could & they could pick it up on the way back (cold) etc.
Seemed like it hadn't been run long enough after a recent water pump installation. Anyway I got as much water into it as I could when it had cooled off & decided to take it for a short check run. Has a floor mounted park brake which I am not familiar with. I now think you push brake pedal & park brake pedal at once to set it & Jab Park pedal only to release . Right or wrong? Anyway I think I have the bloody thing jammed on by pushing the wrong combo too hard. Can someone tell me how to release it before these angry women decsend on me. PLEASE.

gunhand, Aug 16, 1:41am
If its not a tap and release there will be a pull lever somewhere. a square flap thing or lever like bonnet release.

richard112, Aug 16, 2:05am
Thank you gunhand. You're a star. Just left of the steering column with a big P on it.
Also found a small hose ruptured Which is in too awkward a spot for me at the mo. so they'll have to get a lift home. However I can tell them the mech who did the Water pump job is in the clear.

gunhand, Oct 6, 12:36am
good outcome for you.

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