Camry qualis 2.5 any probs

taipan4, Jun 21, 10:20am
With the V6 2.5 litre not sure what model motor it is. 1997. But seems to drive ok.

for_an_angel, Jul 10, 5:10pm
2 engines it could have 4VZ-FE or 2MZ-FE. The VZ was last fitted in 1998 and the MZ first fitted in 1997 so there is a change over period.
Either way
4VZ-FE if the cooling system is in good shape with nice green coolant in the system it maybe a good one but if it looks off color or rusty looking dont touch it. The VZ has a history of eroding engine blocks and head damage. But if keeped in good shape then high kms are not too much of an issue.
2MZ-FE if it has a bad service history or sludge under the oil cap, walk away.
The MZ series engine is a good engine far superior to the VZ but lack of oil changes will block up the small oil pick up in the sump and cause a big end bearing to start knocking.