97 Camry - Trailer Blown Something!

nzvanfan, Sep 9, 10:37pm
Hi.Hooked a trailer up to out 1997 Camry and something must have blown as the Indicators and Heater are no longer working.Hazard lights work fine.Any idea what I should be looking at to resolve!

zooki007, Sep 9, 10:39pm
Check the fuses. More than likely there is a wiring fault in the trailer. You will need to check the wiring before reusing.

nzvanfan, Sep 9, 10:43pm
Thanks for the quick reply!Had a quick check of the fuses under the bonnet replaced one 10amp fuse but the others looked fine.Still no good.There isn't another fuse box anywhere is there!

pollymay, Sep 9, 10:44pm
the rear or the front! Better hope it's not the box for sensing a blown bulb cause a short can kill them and they control the whole set of rear lights, you then need to replace the little shit to. Mine did that and in the end I rewired the car to not have it cause it was stupid and more of a liability than anything.

nzvanfan, Sep 9, 10:47pm
Neither rear or front indicators are going - both hazard lights go fine though, just not the indicators or the heater.The boot won't open with the remote either although not sure if this was doing it before this happened or not.

jason18, Sep 9, 10:51pm
Sounds like fuse. there sould be a fuse box under steering coloum (sp) by the right hand side. Should be a little cover that pops off

msigg, Oct 20, 12:07pm
jason18 has the answer.