Tell me about toyota camry's sedan?

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cj707, Nov 6, 6:41am
I don't know anything about them.We're looking for a car for Mother and BIL.They've had a ford falcon which is giving up the ghost.

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 6:43am
What year!

taipan4, Nov 6, 8:04am
Camrys are a good reliable car, and I beleive the 3l V6 is ok. depends what their needs are

phillip.weston, Nov 6, 8:26am
all depends on the year. Early V6s are to be avoided.

ema1, Nov 6, 10:39am
As in pre 1996-7 all the later ones in V6 form are good, just make sure of their service history is all.
I have a 2001 Avalon which basically is a LWB Camry floorpan running the same V6 (1MZ-FE 3 litre) engine, damn good roomy well appointed and economical for a big car.
Brilliant on long trips.

jenny188, Nov 6, 11:39am
Rental car industry has used the 2.2 and 2.4 models extensively over the last 15 years as mid size saloons. Typical Toyota reliability, reasonably peppy and economical, but very plain in the dashboard department.

phillip.weston, Nov 7, 12:42am
I would go as far as saying very plain in the everything department. There's hardly anything on any of the Camrys which strikes me as being exciting. That said the late 90s shape was a good car in their day and the current shape is a huuuuuge improvement over the horribly bland early 2000's bubble shape Camry. The current Aurion is a nice car.

I have a Camry currently and while it does its job exceptionally well, I'm going to find something a bit more exciting to drive.

cj707, Nov 7, 4:59am
I would say early 2000's.Plain is fine.We figure if it's cheap new then it should be easy to find something reasonably priced at that era rather than say a holden. I didn't realise they were a 6 cylinder but it's good to hear that you think they're fairly economical.
They want something for around town but do a few trips over the kaimais and up to whiti with 3 people and a full bootload.

taipan4, Nov 7, 5:05am
what is the V6 model number to be avoided pls

gadgit3, Nov 7, 5:16am
V6 to avoid is the 3VZ-FE but later then 1998 camry will have a 1MZ-FE so no issue

richard198, Nov 7, 5:20am
Would you go for BMW!

cody13, Nov 7, 6:10am
I live and work in Melbourne, I have a 2004 4 cyl Altise Camry as my private car and I drive late model Camrys at work. They are plain but are very reliable
I prefer my own one, I find the later ones a bit cramped for some reason.Both go well and are reasonably economical.The later V6 are good.The best is the Aurion

pauloc, Nov 7, 10:54pm
Did someone at Toyota tease you as a child!

thejazzpianoma, Nov 7, 10:57pm
Great Call!

Hey if you could buy a 2001ish Camry in good nick with 120K for say $5000 I would be all for it. (Well at least I wouldn't object on value grounds). At that price it would be in reasonable proportion to the Volvo for $6800 ONO with very low km's, more features and better economy and safety.

In fairness though the Toyota's are improving price wise. 2 Years ago the pricing was obscene especially for the likes of the Yaris etc. Who knows we may yet see the day again when they are good value once more. (They were a lot of car for the money in the 90's).

richard198, Nov 7, 11:28pm
How could you possibly suggest that a Honda Accord is better than Toyoya Camrys! Nissans are much better bet than any Honda.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 7, 11:55pm
The phrase "you just can't win" comes to mind.

phillip.weston, Nov 8, 12:08am
I would regard the Accord well over the Camry or Nissan's alternative, the Primera. Nothing from Nissan of that era screams out as being better than the Toyota or the Honda equivalent. I would agree that Nissan are up there in terms of reliability however there are some models which let them down, such as the CVT P12 Primera or most engines with Neo-DI.

drew2009, Nov 8, 12:10am
It never ceases to amaze me how badly people misinterpret jazz' posts.
Never saw the word "better" mentioned either.

vtecintegra, Nov 8, 12:13am
Depends on which Camry I guess.

The wide body model was pretty much the same size as a Maxima, the narrow one was smaller but still bigger than a P11 Primera

drew2009, Nov 8, 12:26am
The Accord would be a great alternative to a Toyota Camry,
When properly serviced its not unusual to see an Accord last over 200,000km. Not that there is much wrong with the Camry, you just cant buy much Toyota for your money these days.

phillip.weston, Nov 8, 12:36am
an Accord would be a much more enjoyable drive than a Camry, and actually look appealing to the eye. Two things the Camry has failed to do for me.

richardmayes, Nov 8, 2:23am
Poster #1 -

Is there a reason they don't want to go with another Falcon!

There's nothing very much wrong with a Camry, but I just wouldn't.

If you're considering a 4-cylinder Camry, try a Euro Accord as well- you will quickly see what the difference is between a merely functional car and a really nice car!

If you're considering a V6 Camry, try a 3.8 litre Commodore instead - much better in every way if you want a big V6 car, you avoid the issues that seem to plague automatic transmissions in teenaged jappers, and you get tonnes of luggage room which is handy if you have a massive chip on your shoulder like some frequent posters on here. Speaking of which.

Oh man. Issues much!

trdbzr, Nov 8, 3:11am
I guess ever since a Honda thrashed him, he hasn't been able to get over it. What a dull life you must live if the only thing you can brag and be proud about is some old v6 auto Calais. Sure if you got a Walkinshaw or a nicely done HSV or a undercover supercharged V8 commie then bang on about it all you like because they are pretty good cars, but a old v6 auto Calais! seriously! I do feel sorry for you.

cj707, Nov 8, 3:23am
So what's a good car for a trigger happy footy to drive 90year old miss daisy around in without sending her through the windscreen. With some decent boot room.
The old falcon was good in that respect that they could cruise around on sunday drives without it being too stressful.I guess it's just like a kid with a new toy and that he'd settle down after a while know.

trdbzr, Nov 8, 3:31am
This was actually possible about 2-3 years back but prices has gone up quite a bit lately. Even Altezza's you could pick up for $9k 3 years back are now going for $11k+. Back in 2006 I bought a run around car for $5500, I put 65,000km on it in about 5 years and sold then sold it for $5700.