Power window switch ID

nzmax, Jan 17, 7:49am

Is anyone able to identify the make/model that the following power window switch plate was fitted to. Is approx. 290mm long, 55mm wide and has a woodgrain finish. Writing has rubbed off, but can still see outline of "power windows" above holes at tapered end, and beside small square hole, "window lock" and under that the words "normal" and "lock" with the appropriate symbols beside them. No identifying marks on the underside. Holes in door card/armrest would be approx. 185mm x 45mm. Thanks

http://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/358238247.jpg http://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/358238134.jpg

cypherboy, Jan 17, 9:06pm
Is there part number on the inside somewhere. Try googling it?

nzmax, Jan 18, 1:26am
No nothing at all. That was the first thing I looked for. Only things that are on the underside are the bits left behind from the moulding process.

Im guessing from the design of the holes, that the switches are the rocker type. one end for up, other end for down, rather than the pull up push down type.

supernova2, Jan 18, 1:27am
I'm sure I've seen something like that but can't remember where. It sorta looks like yanky so would it perhaps be older holden?

grangies, Jan 18, 7:38am
It reminds me of something from the Mazda Eunos/929 era of the late 80's through to the mid 90's.

sred69, Jan 18, 9:11am
Mitsubishi diamante mid 90's import

nzmax, Aug 5, 1:44am
None of the above so far going by pics on TM. Mid 90's Mitsubishi Diamate looks close but doesn't have the turn down bit at the back.

Trying to identify what its from as a seller has sent this but its the wrong part. as in completely wrong shape and size, and is insistent that it is the correct part. I know I have seen it in something before, but can't remember for the life of me what it was. I guess there is a point when the time spent debating with the seller compared to the value of the part becomes a waste of time.

Thanks to those that have made suggestions.