WoF guys, floors & rust?

attitudedesignz, Mar 10, 2:40am
Have an old Hilux here with some (LOL) rust in the floors, what's the reg's regarding it, ie: It's fine if not closer than XXXmm from body mount bolt.

Any input is appreciated.

pico42, Mar 10, 3:03am
Even on a Hilux? I am assuming it has a separate ladder chassis.

attitudedesignz, Mar 10, 3:07am
Yep, separate chassis.

mrfxit, Mar 10, 3:08am
Mmmmm that would be an interesting point to confirm in that situation

attitudedesignz, Mar 10, 3:22am
That's why I asked.

bjmh, Mar 10, 3:57am
panelbeaters written report and if he says its ok,nail the report to your checksheet.

lookoutas, Mar 10, 4:34am
Good luck finding one dumb enough to put his arse on the line.

Don't matter whether it's got a chassis or not, still needs fixing.

gmphil, Mar 10, 4:40am
I agree with the above but think measurement your lookin for is 150mm

attitudedesignz, Mar 10, 5:28am
Don't get me wrong, it's being fixed. Was more a curiosity question more than anything because of the full chassis.

llortmt, Mar 10, 5:29am
Corrosion in the floor of your Hilux may have no bearing on the WoF.
Unless its bigger than 50mm in diameter AND less than150mm away from a seat mount or load bearing structure (i.e. Chassis mount etc.) &/or 300mm from a seat-belt anchorage.

dave653, Mar 11, 3:33am
Then you have the early 90s Nissan Terrano/Pathfinder. Dads one was failed on rust in the rear floor. There was a rust stain from under the factory spotwelded seatbelt mount. It was removed by a panelbeater for inspection. no hole, just a little. read LITTLE surface (designed to fail!).
VTNZ said the rear pan had to be replaced. $3000 - $4500! Then, under the car with me, the VTNZ regional manager said I could do it myself. The panel, from Wellyville, is registered to the vehicle. panel was around $80. The only other way around it was to remove the rear seats and belts, register as a two seater, and yer away laughing.
I cleaned up the surface rust, neutralised it, welded the mount back on, Fishoilened, primed, painted it and got it a warrant.
Yes. it's on a full chassis!

llortmt, Mar 11, 7:55am
Your Terrano is a little different as it's double skinned in the rear every WoF AVI and his dog is aware that its a very common fault with them and been the subject of numerous technical bulletins.

dave653, Mar 13, 1:45am
Nope, single skin. And the subject of many thousands of unnecesary dollars.

llortmt, Mar 13, 3:37am
Yes well you would know best. LOL
Note 6
Where the inspector is presented with a Nissan Terrano or Nissan Mistral vehicle of the type that is fitted with a two-layer (double skin) floor panel, the inspection procedure in Technical bulletin 2 must be followed.
General vehicles:
??? 3-1 Structure
??? 7-1 Seats and seat anchorages
??? 7-5 Seatbelt and seatbelt anchorages
Safety concern
There is concern about corrosion that can occur in Nissan Terrano or Nissan Mistral vehicles of the type whose rear floorpan assembly consists of a two-layer (double-skin) panel. If moisture gets trapped between the two layers of the floorpan, corrosion can occur around the seat or seatbelt anchorages, affecting their integrity. Corrosion can also occur where the under-floor reinforcing panel overlaps the top floor skin.
The rear floorpan assembly consists of a two-layer (double-skin) panel. The lower layer is a reinforcing panel spot-welded to the upper layer floor section.
The Terrano has a rear seat with three seating positions. Situated in the rear floor, beneath the seat, are four seatbelt anchorages and two seat anchorages.
The Mistral has a stressed bench seat in the rear (the seatbelts are attached to the seat) with two seat anchorages in the floor and two seatbelt anchorages in the wheel well at the sides of the seat.
The inspector must lift the rear seat to examine this area effectively. Any carpet and sound insulating material covering the panel that the seats are mounted on must be pulled back far enough to expose the rear seam of the panel (the area most commonly affected by corrosion). It is important to note that damage may be more extensive than can be detected during this inspection.
The vehicle must fail if any signs of corrosion are detected during the inspection, such as:
??? bubbling of the paint or surface irregularities in the top floor skin or paint
??? a patch repair that has rust around it
??? separation of the reinforcement panel and the top skin
??? discolouration or rust stains at the edges of the reinforcement panel
??? rust holes, or
??? the floorpan on a Nissan Terrano has been ???patch??

dave653, May 1, 10:15pm
Jeez, they class that as double skin? The belt mount was a piece of tin roughly 5 inches by maybe two, with a nut tacked to it, all tacked to the underside of a single sheet of pressed tinfoil (some call it steel). The rust started between said 'double skin' cause there was no paint/sealer protection whatsoever. There is now of course.

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