BMW X5 window regulator

norts332, Jan 22, 10:38pm
window stuck and have been told its the regulator (common issue). any one experienced this out there?

gmphil, Jan 22, 11:16pm
yup had a stuck window before

couger3, Jan 23, 4:20am
had a issue with window stuck shut took of door trim loosed the window mechanism and the window went down just lube everything and all good ,put it back together
not sure if loosed is the correct word to use spell police will tell me ,mmm maybe loosen

tmenz, Jan 23, 4:48am

cammey, Jan 23, 5:30am
Its funny.

British cars used to have window regulators break, door handles fall off, ignition barrels strip, and so on.

By the mid 80's the japs had it sorted, and we never saw a car with the window glass fallen out of the runner, or the fuel pump given up the ghost way out in the country.

But BMW and VAG have bought all these old nightmares back to us again.

I guess its all a process of continuous improvement.

bill-robinson, Jan 23, 6:03am
Like push to start buttons. bets on foot operated starters in 3 years

franc123, Jan 23, 6:28am
That's because they're taking weight and cost out of the components that matter and weighing them down with electronic junk in its place. all in the name of safety, convenience and progress of course. Not to.mention, in some cases, cutting corners on paint application and rustproofing. Manufacturers discovered decades ago that whizzbang gadgetry sells cars, and since they only have to warranty it for a couple of years who cares how well its all still working and wearing once it gets older. In an era where there is much technology and component manufacture sharing between brands globally, Jap vehicles aren't necessarily as high quality as they used to be but for the most part still have the lead in long term consumer satisfaction.

cammey, Jan 23, 6:41am
Yeah Frau Cammey has a VW GTI thingy. its very fast, and it has horrible seats and uses beggar all petrol, so its just like what I remember of fast cars from my youth.

I'm told its cutting edge.

But it eats fuel pump relays. Really eats them. I have shown her where the relay is and given her a spare to show the AA man.

I learned the towing eye has a left hand thread. Dunno why but it does. and we need it lots.

A compressor thing is cable tied into the boot to open the doors. Its broken. Again.

I have put a banana sticker over the "check engine" light. Cos Frau Cammey used to stop the car when it came on, so she was always late everywhere.

It has to go before the warranty ends.

norts332, Jan 23, 10:03am
been asking around and best quote i got was 340 for a new regulator, not many or any X5s at pick a parts. gutted.

couger3, Jan 23, 5:28pm

franc123, Jan 24, 2:08am
Ahh no I wouldn't have thought so. You are supposed to just take it to the dealership and give the man your Platinum card and let them sort it. And look at the new models in the showroom while you are there.

elect70, Jul 25, 5:47pm
Use them regulary , often its only the drivers 1 that ever gets opened . the grease gets solid , they are a very weak motor so it cant cause injury .

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