Jeep Cherokee KK Ltd

kam04, Jun 10, 1:43am
Looking at these - any comments, good or bad.

tamarillo, Jul 7, 10:30am
No personal experience but since you ask they seem outdated for the age, the petrol is an old style heavy v6 and I believe 4 speed auto (correct me if I'm wrong). The diesel is likely better, it's a merc unit I think with a 5 speed auto, but then it depends what driving you do. It'll be more expensive. If it's town short journeys the diesel might end up costing more in servicing and repairs, poster intrade will be able to illuminate on that.
Even in 2008 plus, that's just too old hat and must be terrible mpg.
I guess if it's cheap fine, but there's better more modern stuff out there that would run rings around it, especially if you don't actually need the genuine off road ability.

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