96 Isuzu drive shaft

hugiebear1, Jan 20, 5:20am
Hi All. hoping some one can help me. i need to replace the ( vtnz said Hanger bearing) but it not. please look at pic http://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/358768088.jpg what is part #20 called, its on the end of the drive shaft and connects to the gear box,
many thanks

jmma, Jan 20, 5:22am
Driveshaft coupling? (o:

hugiebear1, Jan 20, 5:25am
i did think that jmma, but supercheep and repco cant find a part.

intrade, Jan 20, 5:28am
my mate has a mu and they failed him on the part if it is the same on his it was a damper . he was not going to pay for a new one that was way to expensive in his opinion so he just angle grinded the damper off and passed the wof . Not what i recommended he should do but hey if the output shaft is stuffed on his transmission i will say um yea well i said it was a bad idea to hacksaw a damper off.

daryl14, Jan 20, 5:34am
Go to a drive shaft shop. Not a car accessory shop.

hugiebear1, Jan 20, 5:34am
cheers intrade. might come to that :-)

hugiebear1, Jan 20, 5:39am
Hi daryl14 . i did that to, BnT said it was a Hanger bearing,- they are wrong tomorrow is another day, ill keep shopping round. cheers all

blue35, Jan 20, 6:27am
I would call it a drive coupling, flex coupling or driveshaft flex joint.

intrade, Jan 21, 7:20am
my mate was here today i asked him it was 500$ for the damper i think from holdon. since isuzu is holdon GM for mu

gmphil, Jan 21, 9:55am
compression donut

thunderbolt, Jan 21, 10:06am
Try The Mount Shop, they call them driveshaft couplings.

Seem to have a good range on their website.


jmma, Jan 21, 10:26am

jmma, Jan 21, 10:27am
Took me awhile to find and I didn't refresh. Anyway, looks like thundrbolt and I had the same idea, hope it helps (o:

intrade, Jan 21, 10:48pm
if it is the one my mate had its not a coupler its a balancing divise and some have it and most dont its why no one had one and only holden had one for 500$ new from GM , he got fibrations that i can feel at 80kph now but he is now driving with it hacked off since 2 years and oil loosing on trans on to muffler it is doing since 8 years up mount ruapehu for example.

intrade, Jan 21, 11:00pm

bjmh, Jan 22, 12:09am
Good good good -good fibrations. nah it doesn't sound right !

gmphil, Jul 28, 2:41pm
the horrid vn 2.0l commy had them. yup expensive was quoted $380 i ended up pulling one from a bmw 318 at pickapart $14

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