Water thermostat TD27 Diesel ?

mrfxit, Nov 3, 6:27am
Please excuse my description for a moment

It's a 2 stage unit being that it's got the std thermo plunger & also a cap on the bottom.
Is it spose to fully close the top section when cold as per std single type unit.

Mine is staying partly open but opening a lot further when in boiling water
Engine takes a long time to get up to temp around town & the fan will engage after a longer rural drive at 100kph

tweake, Nov 3, 6:44am
i don't think its two stage. the cap on the bottom is to close the bypass.
sounds like yours is stuffed, get a new one.

mrfxit, Nov 3, 7:21am
Yea bypass system.
Not had to change 1 of these before so not sure.
Doesn't seem right like it is & would explain the temp situations

intrade, Nov 3, 11:06pm
have you got a immage?

gamefisher, Nov 4, 5:38am
Mine is the same always fairly low on the temperature guage and it only gets to halfway and stays there towing a trailer up a long hill. I think it needs changing but not at the top of my list to do even though an easy fix.

mals69, Nov 4, 8:57pm
Mine too takes long time to get up to temp, like gf mine always stays low
at norm temp - big old skool heavy motor takes time to warm up :)

andy61, Nov 7, 7:30am
My Terrano 2.7 would only run at normal temp when towing a loaded trailer, got around to changing thermostat one day, now up to normal temp within minutes,and I`m sure it runs so much better now,even the heater worked better thru winter.Wish I did the thermostat when I bought it! ,Have to thank my dad for suggesting the thermostat was either stuck open or removed when he borrowed the car for a day ,but after having a Mistral with an erractic temp gauge I didnt want to think about it!.

mrfxit, Nov 7, 9:57am
Yep done it today with an aftermarket unit.
5km (100kph) run out of town saw the temp slightly lower then it's been before when out of town & cooling faster when slowing down in to town.
Fan still runs for a minute when stopping suddenly on the roadside but the fan stops very quickly when back on the road.
Will be interesting next time I take it out of town

Bit of an issue sorting out which thermostat because theres 2 units listed with a different length foot thats slightly different to the OEM unit so it was testing time in boiling water & in with the calipers

tweake, Nov 7, 8:47pm
pays to measure the foot and the length it requires for the foot to seal the bypass.
some guys found some thermostats foot is a little short and doesn't close off the bypass when the thermostat opens.

checking temps is a good idea. i don't know with the nissan ones but toyotas of that era are rated as temp at start of opening while aftermarket are rated as temp when fully open.

tweake, Nov 15, 5:22pm
quick look at the book, looks like there is a few different temp ratings for the td27 and factory ones are start to open temp.